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  1. earthlovers123

    How to save Favourite Thread and Post ?

    There are several thread I really like while I am reading all nurses . But I have no idea how to save those in user profile . I usually make small comment so that I can view easily . Any one have better idea ?
  2. Very good encouragement for Guys ! Good luck to all
  3. earthlovers123

    Need Wise advice ...

    Can a RN work in Nursing Agency opened by family Member in low Salary ? Here in this situation Husband own the agency and wife is in his pay roll paying very low salary working full time including overtime ? Is this ethical or legal business when someone has accepted work for low amount ? Becasue her ex-spouse is making her slave by having full costody of her children ? Her Hard earned goes for ex-spouse who is having good time with his new girlfriend . She would rather get paid less than pay money to ex-spouse . Anybody know about the regulations, how much minimun amount you can get as salary as RN so her yearly income would be less? Do you think , it is ethical , legal ? Does this sounds like tax problem ? Need wise advice .
  4. earthlovers123

    Is incorporation necessary??????

    useful info
  5. earthlovers123

    Is this illegal ?

    Any body know about Rules and regulations regarding working for family member and minimum amount need to be paid to family employee?
  6. earthlovers123

    Is this illegal ?

    Can a RN work in Nursing Agency opened by family Member in low Salary ?
  7. earthlovers123

    Tax Advantages ? 1199 a Better Route

    Sounds good
  8. earthlovers123

    Agency owners getting rich off the backs of nurses?

    Good post
  9. earthlovers123

    Starting An Agency

    good info
  10. earthlovers123

    Accuracy of Ultrasound ???

    How accurate are ultrasound results ? Suppose in Ultrasould result it says ... baby is 11 weeks old . When will be the conception date ? How far off the ultrasould result can go ?
  11. earthlovers123

    Are Nurses Paid in Cash ?

    A people I was talking to in Resturant . Who is a bar tender and wetress in Resterunt , told about their tips . and put forward that question for nursing too . Since nursing is service too .
  12. earthlovers123

    Are Nurses Paid in Cash ?

    That is awesome . you get paid every day . WOW
  13. earthlovers123

    Are Nurses Paid in Cash ?

    Thanks for sharing though . It helped to undersand the different aspects of problem better . Have a great weekend
  14. earthlovers123

    Are Nurses Paid in Cash ?

    Somebody told me Rumer about it . I didnt belive it . So I thought , ask you guys . Just being curious
  15. earthlovers123

    Are Nurses Paid in Cash ?

    Just a curiosity , are nurses paid cash in any state ? For example even in Rural hospital , clinics , any doctor's office ? Are any nurses paid in cash ? Share your story and what do you think about it .
  16. earthlovers123

    Number of Philippine Nurses Emigrating Skyrockets

    Good post