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  1. jack4408

    Wage steps

    Hmm.. I kinda wondered about that. I wonder if I got put on the wrong step. Do you happen to know what the rate for step 5 is?
  2. jack4408

    Wage steps

    I just got a new job and I have 4 years and they told me that I was step 4, so I'm assuming it's 1 step per year.
  3. jack4408

    Any NICUs hiring..anywhere??

    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has a bunch of positions posted.
  4. jack4408

    Behavorial Interviewing

    I am an experienced NICU RN and I have a job interview at a new hospital. I was told they used structured behavorial interviewing where you are asked scenario type questions about how you've reacted in particular situations both clinical and not. Any advice on how to prepare for this type of interview?
  5. jack4408

    Online Application Follow Up

    I've been applying for hospital jobs and wanted some advice. I apply online via a basic website form (meaning that it's not my poor resume skills that is not getting me calls). Sometimes HR calls me and then I never hear from the Nurse Manager of the specific unit I am applying for. It's hard to follow up since I don't have contact information for anyone that might actually care about my application (someone on the unit). Should I seek this information out and call managers? Waiting for calls is not working. I know I am qualified, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  6. jack4408

    I need a job

    Oh, in Portland.
  7. jack4408

    I need a job

    I have 4 years of NICU experience. I'm willing to change specialties, preferably pediatric though. Is it hopeless? I haven't heard anything from any of the jobs I've applied to.
  8. jack4408

    Kaiser Sunnyside NICU

    Has anyone worked in the Special Care Nursery here? How is it?
  9. jack4408

    Leave a staff position to travel in this economy??

    I wouldn't.
  10. jack4408

    Pediatric LTC in Portland, OR

    Yes, thank you. That is the only one I have come across.
  11. jack4408

    Pediatric LTC in Portland, OR

    Does anyone know of any pediatric long term care facilites in the Portland area?
  12. jack4408

    Pediatric LTC in Portland, OR

    Does anyone know any long term care facilites in the Portland area?
  13. jack4408

    Forever greatful parents

    I know what you mean. I get frustrated with moms who freak out when their baby is in NICU for 2 days. I want to tell them to look around them.
  14. jack4408

    Forever greatful parents

    Parents like you are the reason I'm a NICU nurse.
  15. jack4408

    Seattle NICUs

    Which hospitals in Seattle have NICUs?
  16. jack4408

    CO NICUs

    Which hospitals in Denver and Colorado Springs have NICUs?