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San Fransisco Travel Housing

by jack4408 jack4408 (Member)

I may be taking a job in SF through CCTC. What apartment buildings have you been placed in through them in SF?


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I haven't worked with CCTC, but if you are interested in pocketing more moolah, I would suggest living out in the Bay Area, and commuting to work and pocketing the rest of the stipend. The rent in the City is hella expensive, but if you have a car, or wouldn't mind taking BART, then commuting from the East bay is the best way to do it. Good areas to live include Fremont, Alameda, Pinole, Hercules...pretty much up and down the I-80 line. Parking in the city is awful...and so is the high cost of living. Just a thought.

I worked at Kaiser Oakland, lived in Pinole, and did per diem shifts in the city every week. It wasn't that bad of a commute since I was working night shift and going against the flow of the traffic.


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I lived in an Studio apartment at Bayside Village and had to pay for parking. It was right on the Embarcadaro and an easy commute to St. Marys near Golden Gate Park. Nice views are available. Second assignment I was supposed to have a roommate. Had a huge 2 bedroom apartment for 3 months by myself. View wasn't as good but got free parking on that one??? The complex was upscale near the finiancial district with a grocery store, restaurant, dry cleaners and lots of activities. It was 16 years ago though things in the city most likely have changed.


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