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  1. mamagui

    Frontier RN-MSN. Bachelor's issue?

    When you enter the MSN at Frontier, you are already automatically placed on the DNP track....why not just finish there and not have anything to worry about?
  2. mamagui

    Returning to L&D after miscarriage

    On October 17 I found out that my baby was no longer alive. I was 18 weeks pregnant. I have taken all the time off that I can with PTO and sick leave (I don't qualify for FMLA until January), and I will be returning to work this Sunday. I am very much still grieving and I am dreading having to go back to labor and delivery. Does anyone have any advice on how to still be a decent nurse when I am still having a very hard time dealing with my own pain? Thanks for your time.
  3. We have plenty of nurses and scrub techs with tons of visible tattoos....not really an issue at my hospital.
  4. mamagui

    CNM Scholarship, HRSA, Georgetown, Frontier

    Phila U has a CM program for non-nurses, and a CNM for nurses. You will still sit for the same boards as a MSN program and you still get the CNM credential. FWIW. You will NOT have a Masters in nursing, if that matters.
  5. mamagui

    CNM Scholarship, HRSA, Georgetown, Frontier

    Soooooooo, what is your question exactly?
  6. mamagui

    Best Midwifery School programs

    Just curious, Cayanne06, why did you chose to go to Baystate instead of Phila U directly?
  7. mamagui

    OB meds

    Perhaps you could post the dosages that you have found, their sources, and ask if anyone has seen other ranges used?
  8. mamagui

    Hopeful Someday CNM...

    Wow! What a change of events! Glad you found an area of nursing that works with you. I had a similar experience with my Peds rotation...not that I was ever really interested in peds, but now I am REALLY turned off by it LOL. I'm graduating in December from my BSN program and am still midwifery bound :)
  9. mamagui

    Frontier Midwifery Program

    Excellent points. When I get time I will check out these statistics.
  10. mamagui

    Nurses that eat their young

    Wait, I'm confused. If you had great ideas and information, why did you not run with it? That could have been you getting a raise and promotion, could it not? Otherwise, I agree with Ixchel....you should be proud that your prodigy learned from you; you were partly responsible for her success. Be proud.
  11. mamagui

    Hopeful Someday CNM...

    OP, I am interested to see how you are doing now? How did your OB rotation go? Did you pursue doula training? I have been considering doing doula training to make myself more marketable after graduation in December. I have been considering New beginnings doula training since DONA's price is prohibitive. I, too, have the goal of becoming a CNM and want to get as much birth experience as I can :)
  12. mamagui

    New Grad Resume Help for L&D

    Off topic a bit, but I was wondering if, as a student, I can take the online course and get certified to read EFM? I noticed on the website that it says that it is intended for RNs, APRNs, some physicians, and LPNs, but I would really like to get this cert to make myself more marketable as I graduate in December. TY
  13. mamagui

    Snacks for 12-hour shifts

    Cocoa covered almonds work for me! They come in individual bags. Also, some gummy bears in a plastic baggy in case you need a fast pick me up. You can buy snack size plastic baggies and fill them with whatever.
  14. mamagui

    Frontier Midwifery Program

    Wow! 20% is a really high number....
  15. mamagui

    Frontier Midwifery Program

    Do tell!
  16. mamagui

    Disgusting Icky Stickies: Nurse Protect Yourself

    Excellent article! Just want to add a probably worthless comment....I taught Spanish in high school for about 3-4 months and was sick almost the whole time. I was afraid that I would be the same when beginning my clinicals in the hospital. For 3 semesters straight I haven't gotten sick a single time, except for just after New Year, when the infection could not have come from clinicals. PPE is Awesome! Teachers should have it available LOL