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  1. Toast&Butters

    Manager Interview - Mayo Clinic

    Hi team! I am scheduled for an interview for the Surgical Services nurse manager at a Mayo Clinic hospital in a smaller town (not Rochester). Although I have nine years of circulating, scrubbing, lead surgical coordinator, and clinical education specialist all in the operating room, this is my first time interviewing for a management position. Any advice from other leadership experiences? Any advice for a new manager from the staff perspective? Thank you!
  2. Toast&Butters

    First time Management Interview

    Hello, I have an amazing opportunity to interview for my first management position. I have nine years of operating room experience along with experience as a nurse educator in the OR, and a surgical lead coordinator. The position is for a nurse manager of both surgical services and the family birth center. I'm looking for advice on how to rock my interview! It will be a large panel interview with nursing administrators and such. So, my nerves are out of control! Thanks in advance 🙂
  3. Toast&Butters

    Work Schedules

    Let me start out by saying I am just beginning my research into Midwifery, so I'm sorry if this sounds naive of me. I have a husband that is a pilot, which results in a varying schedule each month and can range from him being out of town a couples times a week to a a week or more at a time. I also have two young children. The one thing that is holding me back in my decision to proceed with going to school is the amount of call during school and for the entire future of my career. I do not have family readily available for childcare. So, a nanny would most likely come in to play. I am having an internal struggle with wanting to do become a midwife for myself and really taking in to consideration if it's what is best for my family. Does anyone else have a spouse who travels tons? Is it extremely grueling on your family? I have also considered WHNP, but really the CNM can do both roles, so if the call is too much I could get a job doing WHNP duties? Is that reasonable, or am I totally off? Are there many other positions for CNM that do not include catching babies and tons of call? Thanks in advance 🙂
  4. Toast&Butters

    Working and Clinicals

    I am just starting my research into the NP career field. My question is, is working, part time at least doable while completing clinical requirements in NP school? Or is it more like you have a set number of hours you have to finish for clinicals, and you complete them at your own pace? Thanks in advance for any input on this topic!
  5. Toast&Butters

    Can I be a CNM and believe in medical interventions?

    I am sorry if I offended anyone. That was not my intent. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. I am looking into a career as a CNM. I am an RN with experience in med/surg, operating room and now as an nurse educator for the operating room. My desire to explore this career field comes from my personal experiences. I have four pregnancy, first was stillborn with IUGR and HELLP syndrome. Second was IUGR and induction at 36 weeks followed by a 5 week postpartum multiple DVTs. Third pregnancy was a 9 week miscarriage and then finally the fourth was induction at 38 weeks with gestational hypertension (during pregnancy I was on aspirin, lovenox and heparin shots daily). I believe in the medical interventions when necessary but want to be a part of women's journey to becoming a mother. I am nervous that my history of high-risk pregnancies and medical interventions would be conflicting with most CNM views? Is it possible to be a CNM and still believe in the hospital births and interventions?
  7. Toast&Butters

    Is MSN worth the Cost?

    Hello! I've been toying with the idea of pursuing my nurse education degree. I've seen that becoming a Nurse Educator does not result in a pay raise from staff nursing. How true is that? So I'm concerned that the cost of a masters degree is not worth it because there is ultimately no pay raise in the end. Anyone else experience these concerns? Does anyone have input on why it's worth it? Thanks :)
  8. What is the difference between Clinical study coordinator and research coordinator?
  9. Toast&Butters

    What is the commute like to HUP?

    I am working at HUP now and te commute for driving is about 40 mins driving plus 10-15 for walking or bus in from parking lots. I also love by Mt. Holly. The commute in the morning isn't bad due to being on the road earlier than most. Anything after 6:30 the roads start getting more traffic. What area are you interviewing for? Best of luck!