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  1. Toast&Butters

    Working and Clinicals

    I am just starting my research into the NP career field. My question is, is working, part time at least doable while completing clinical requirements in NP school? Or is it more like you have a set number of hours you have to finish for clinicals, and you complete them at your own pace? Thanks in advance for any input on this topic!
  2. I am looking into a career as a CNM. I am an RN with experience in med/surg, operating room and now as an nurse educator for the operating room. My desire to explore this career field comes from my personal experiences. I have four pregnancy, first was stillborn with IUGR and HELLP syndrome. Second was IUGR and induction at 36 weeks followed by a 5 week postpartum multiple DVTs. Third pregnancy was a 9 week miscarriage and then finally the fourth was induction at 38 weeks with gestational hypertension (during pregnancy I was on aspirin, lovenox and heparin shots daily). I believe in the medical interventions when necessary but want to be a part of women's journey to becoming a mother. I am nervous that my history of high-risk pregnancies and medical interventions would be conflicting with most CNM views? Is it possible to be a CNM and still believe in the hospital births and interventions?
  3. Toast&Butters

    Is MSN worth the Cost?

    Hello! I've been toying with the idea of pursuing my nurse education degree. I've seen that becoming a Nurse Educator does not result in a pay raise from staff nursing. How true is that? So I'm concerned that the cost of a masters degree is not worth it because there is ultimately no pay raise in the end. Anyone else experience these concerns? Does anyone have input on why it's worth it? Thanks :)
  4. What is the difference between Clinical study coordinator and research coordinator?
  5. Toast&Butters

    Omaha OR RN's

    I'm moving to Omaha, Nebraska and would love to talk to any OR RNs hat work in the city.
  6. Toast&Butters

    Transition to Peds OR

    I'm interested in working in a Peds OR. Has anyone transitioned from adults to Peds? Is there any specifics that I should consider before making the plunge? Thanks!!
  7. Toast&Butters

    What is the commute like to HUP?

    I am working at HUP now and te commute for driving is about 40 mins driving plus 10-15 for walking or bus in from parking lots. I also love by Mt. Holly. The commute in the morning isn't bad due to being on the road earlier than most. Anything after 6:30 the roads start getting more traffic. What area are you interviewing for? Best of luck!
  8. Toast&Butters

    Finally in the OR!

    I accepted a position in the OR today and I am so excited! Bedside nursing was not my cup of tea. I'm so unbelievably excited for the things to come :)
  9. Toast&Butters

    Hospital of the University of Penn.

    I had an interview with HUP for the gateway to the OR program today! Due to the horrible snow storm I was unable to meet with HR. Anyone know the pay scale for clinical nurse 1 and 2 at HUP? Thanks!
  10. Toast&Butters

    HUP gateway to the OR

    I have an interview for the gateway to the OR program at HUP, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania. Does anyone have any experience with this program and/or hospital? Any advice as to what to ask the nurse manager? Also, any input on parking and commuting to HUP from South Jersey would be very helpful too. Thanks :) !!
  11. Toast&Butters

    What is the commute like to HUP?

    I live in South Jersey, around Mt. Holly. I'm interviewing with HUP for the gateway to the OR program and would like to know how the commute is from south Jersey to Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, time, traffic and cost. Is driving a feasible option? How is the parking at the hospital? Or is public transportation a good idea to look into? Any information would be helpful :)
  12. Toast&Butters

    OR to Sales Rep/Other Opportunities

    How did they go about getting the sales rep job?
  13. Toast&Butters

    OR to Sales Rep/Other Opportunities

    Has anyone gone from OR RN to a OR sales rep? Is this even possible? What are other opportunities that exist for an OR RN?
  14. I have a chance to participate in a periop 101 course however, I am worried about signing the contract due to being a military spouse and never knowing when we will be moving. So my question is, will completing the course open doors to any other OR job down the road? Or will it be a waste of money to complete the course with little job experience ?
  15. Toast&Butters

    AORN Periop 101

    Did you have to sign the contract before you started the program? Or do you decide if you want to stay after the course is completed? How much of the $28,000 would you had to pay back?
  16. Toast&Butters

    Just started Periop program and not sure it's for me

    How much money would you have to pay back if you were to break the contract?

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