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Hello, I have an amazing opportunity to interview for my first management position. I have nine years of operating room experience along with experience as a nurse educator in the OR, and a surgical lead coordinator. The position is for a nurse manager of both surgical services and the family birth center. I'm looking for advice on how to rock my interview! It will be a large panel interview with nursing administrators and such. So, my nerves are out of control! Thanks in advance ?


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Common topics are your supervisory experience, your leadership style, and budgeting experience. You may be given a hypothetical situation question on dealing with a difficult employee or a disciplinary issue. If this is a facility other than the one where you currently work, find out what you can about the prospective new employer prior to the interview. It can make you stand out if you can mention that you are already aware of some of the specific issues that they face.

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OP:   Let us know how it goes. In my experience, a lot of what Orca said is accurate.  It also helps to have a mentor who will guide you through the process to build that skill.  As an aside, if you do not get the job, it may be because the hiring managers had someone else in mind.  Sometimes that person has more experience other times that person just meets the minimal criteria for the job.  Thus, it is helpful to network and to get to know hiring managers.  Good Luck! 

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I have gotten something out of every job interview that I have ever gone on, regardless of whether I got the job. You learn what types of questions are being asked, and it allows you to fine tune your answers to improve your chances later if things don't work out right away.

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As a former L&D/Birth Center manager, I am going to caution you. It's going to be challenging to earn the respect of your OB staff, as someone brand new to management, and with no L&D background. 

I'm very concerned that if you do get this job, your facility is setting you up to fail. I hope I'm wrong.

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