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  1. Any of my fellow nurses diagnosed with bipolar or anxiety/depression? I was recently diagnosed with bipolar w hypomania but having difficulty accepting it. I really thought it was just anxiety with depression. Reason I say anxiety depression is because I have been feeling low for the past 2 years or so where I just dont have the same desires, motivation and just want to sleep all the time, hopeless, sad, no confidence and poor sed satisfaction. Then when I go to work I am anxious due to all the duties of a nurse and become annoyed very easily. So it is hard to tell if I really am bipolar or just anxious? I do tend to overthink things, binge eat which has caused significant weight gain, irritable or angry over small things, difficulty sleeping or sleep too much because I work night shift and sometimes when I go out im either happy or in my feelings. I feel these are normal feelings due to life and its stressors and how annoying people can be majority of the time. Any advice/tips? I was started on lamictal about 5 weeks ago and I know these meds take about 6 weeks to notice any changes depending on dosage or if its even the right med for me.
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    phenobarbital for ETOH withdrawal

    So I am doing my capstone project for BSN on CIWA vs phenobarbital protocol for ETOH withdrawals. Since CIWA is symptom based and I find it to be a more subjective tool, alot of patients either become under or overmedicated on benzos. So I am writing about how phenobarbital should be used to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms and how the benefits outweigh CIWA. Regarding pheno, can you administer this med on a general floor? I know it comes in PO, IV or IM. I work a cardiac floor and have many patients coming in for ETOH withdrawals and based on the CIWA, alot of the patients end up getting transferred to ICU. What happens once a patient is in ICU for ETOH withdrawal? Phenobarb IV is initiated? Is there a protocol/scale that you follow as your administering it? I am doing my research but need clarification on these questions that I cant seem to find. What is your opinion?
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    Capstone Idea

    RN-BSN capstone project idea.. not sure what to do it on or where to go for some ideas. What did yo do for yours?
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    Shadowing other units

    I have been an RN for 4 years and 1 class away from finishing my BSN. I currently work on a tele unit and enjoy it and it is also connected to a stepdown unit. I am trying to figure out what to do after my BSN. Im not sure I see myself as an NP because I dont know what area I want to go or if I even want to leave bedside nursing. Does anyones facility offer nurses to shadow other nurses in different departments? I may be interested in more in depth cardiac but im not sure because I dont know what other positions entail such as CVICU or cath lab, how would I know I like it if I dont see what is done on a daily basis?
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    Which route to go?

    I used to work on med surg/tele floor where we have the monitors at the nurses station and had techs to read the strips for us and we would take only cardizem drips. We also would take cardiac cath patients post op. Through this I had a liking to cardiac nursing. I switched jobs and now currently work on a telemetry floor. We take nitro, cardizem, milrinone drips, cardiac cath patients, and prep patients for CABGs. My unit is a tele unit connected to a stepdown unit so we share the nurses station with stepdown. I am trying to figure out what I want to do once I finish my Bachelors (2 more classes to go!). Do I attempt to work stepdown and get my CCRN? (I wonder if you get paid more with that certification). I might want to do CVICU but need more info on what it entails. What is the difference between CVICU and CCU? What direction did you go once you realized cardiac nursing is the route you want to go?
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    Nurs 4465 Vulnerable Populations

    Is anyone currently taking or had previously taken Nurs 4465? I am in the class now trying to fill out the windshield survey. I have no clue if I am doing it correctly. Anyone have the file I can look at to see how they completed this assignment? I am writing info down but not sure if it is what the professor is looking for. This class is very overwhelming already!