Wait for open position?


Hi everyone. I have been a tele/med-surg nurse for 6 years. I moved to a bigger level 1 hospital 2 years ago from a small community hospital. My dilemma is that I feel im super stagnant in the position im currently in. I want to learn more and do more. My current manager happens to also be manager for CCU. I would like a CCU position but there are no openings right now and there is also a list of staff that would also like to go when positions open up. I really don't want to see myself in the same position a year from now, not learning anything or just going thru the motions. I saw that there are some ICU positions open at the moment. Should I go to ICU and get my critical care experience and then maybe transfer to CCU when/if a slot opens up? I love cardiac but I need to make some career moves. What would you do?

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ICU experience would give you a leg up for a CCU position down the road as well as open other avenues for you. If you get it are you willing to commit for two years there before looking to transfer again?