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  1. freckles23

    Big or small hospital?

    I am an RN with 5 years tele/med surg experience at a level 1 hospital which is #1 for cardiac and work on a tele floor. I feel stagnant and stuck in my current position and feel like im not learning much anymore. I want to do Cardiac ICU and spoke ...
  2. freckles23

    Wait for open position?

    Hi everyone. I have been a tele/med-surg nurse for 6 years. I moved to a bigger level 1 hospital 2 years ago from a small community hospital. My dilemma is that I feel im super stagnant in the position im currently in. I want to learn more and do mor...
  3. freckles23

    Stagnant at job

    Hi everyone, so I have been a nurse for 6 years. Started out in subacute rehab, then community hospital and now a level one hospital on a cardiac/tavr unit. The level one hospital isn't all that it was cracked out to be. There is so much managem...
  4. freckles23

    Food donations

    How are food donations being handled at your hospital due to the pandemic? I know some places are setting up gofundmes. I ask this because the other day I had a coworker call a place and ask if we can have food delivered to us for free at the big hos...
  5. freckles23

    Venti vs nonrebreather

    In the event a patient is SOB Or distress, would you place a NRB or venti on them without a Dr order? I dont want to overstep my boundary but also dont want the pt in distress.
  6. freckles23

    Staff drama

    Nurses will also come up to me during my shift and say hey can I have this person to give report to or that person to give report to when meanwhile I am taking care of my patients and I have not even looked at or worked out the staff assignment yet. ...
  7. freckles23

    Staff drama

    I did not sign up to be charge, I just happen to have more experience so they assign depending on whos staffed on that day. The new grads are all young (20s). Mgmt tells us to write emails so they can track down the complaints. We have had face to fa...
  8. freckles23

    Staff drama

    Does anybody else feel like nursing is making them jaded? I am a pretty easy-going person and usually get along with everyone but I realize my role as charge nurse has made it very difficult to have relationships with staff. There are people that don...
  9. freckles23


    I have my BSN and work on a TAVR unit. Been a nurse for 6 years. Not sure what direction to take my nursing career. I believe its important to keep educating and getting the highest degree possible to give myself the most options for the future. I wa...
  10. freckles23

    Starting on a brand new unit

    I would def like to! And the policies are iffy. Like we opened for a certain patient population but are taking patients beyond the expectations of the unit so its hard to tell exactly what the expectation is I work nights so alot of the management i...
  11. freckles23

    Starting on a brand new unit

    So my small tele unit (17 patients) just moved to a brand new cardiac floor (38 patients) that was built In our hospital and it is supposed to be majority tele and then 9 cardiac stepdown unit beds (TAVR patients). They hired a whole bunch of new gra...
  12. freckles23

    Board certified

    How did everyone study for their board certification? Im scheduled to take my cardiovascular certification and bought the mometrix review book but not sure if I should be studying test questions or content? Is it similar questions to nclex? Any advic...
  13. freckles23

    Shared governance

    Hey all! So I finally finished my BSN and I want to get more involved with nursing committees/activites, etc. I have been on the cardiac/tele unit for 1 year but worked in another hospital for 2 1/2 years. I have been a practicing nurse for a total o...
  14. freckles23

    Crying at work

    I have been an RN for 4 years. Today I had an emotional shift where a patient’s care became escalated very quick. He ended up needing to be intubated and had to have massive transfusions and eventually had to go to SICU. I followed everything I neede...
  15. freckles23

    Nurses with bipolar or anxiety/depression

    I have been a nurse for 4 years. I left my old job because the ratios were 1:9 and I feel like thats where my anxiety came from because I was always in crisis mode and stressed out so I left the job. Im currently at 1:6 which is a tad bit better depe...