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  1. I'm sure this topic has come up before but I wanted to hear opinions from other travelers. So I started a contract on December 28,2015 at a hospital in Grand Forks, ND. I signed up to work on a 55 bed Cardiac unit. I was told during the interview that the highest nurse to patient ratio on nights would be six to one. So I went in optimistic but a soon as I got on the unit I could see issues. They are super short staffed even with other travelers. The management basically tells everyone to suck it up and pickup extra shifts. They lumped all the high acuity patients together and gave them to me each night. I didn't complain just sucked it up. Even the monitor techs would make comments about the patients I was given. The staff are not helpful. If an IV was beeping they would just walk past the room. Also, they hardly have any CNA's. I worked nights when there was no CNA for 50 beds. The real wakeup call was when they gave me 6 patients that included a patient with severe interstitial lung disease who was near death and another high acuity elderly lady who would constantly set off her bed alarm by getting up. She had a rounder who was supposed to be watching her but he just paced the hallway. I spent the first hour of my shift trying to get the lung disease patient treated so I wouldn't have to call a code and then I went to check on the elderly lady. I was standing outside her room asking the rounder a question and we hear this thud. We run into the room and she is one the floor face down. It looked like she rolled out of bed. I could hear her making a snoring sound so I called her name and tried to turn her over. I asked the rounder to help me but he just looked freaked out. I could see her face during red so a ran to get more help to move her. When I came back in she was no longer breathing and her face was blue. No code was called because she was a DNR. The rounder could have called a rapid while I tried to help get her up but he was like frozen. The lady died. A few nights later a get a 7 patient assignment consisting of two completely disoriented patients. One was very combative even with meds and mitts on. The other had a nasogastric feeding tube he tried to pull out. One lady who needed 3 bags of K, albumin, and 2 units of RBC's free flowed in because they don't use blood pump tubing. A cancer patient with radiation burns and multiple IV antibiotics for sepsis, another who was a renal patient who had severe gangrene of both hands with some bone showing through from a bad AV fistula that was recently reversed, a lady with bilateral chest tubes, and a pneumonia patient on multiple IV antibiotics. No one helped me at all. It was that night that I decided I better leave. I know my patient care and charting was suffering and I still had 10 more weeks of this to go. I feel like I could not safely do my job with loads like this. I have never had a med error or other safety issue come up but I think this place is putting me at risk. I told me recruiter and she said talk to management. I told her that will get me knowhere because they don't care as long as they have someone to fill a spot. So I plan on just leaving. My company has been getting worse anyway. I been calling in the past 2 nights but I plan on telling the manager that I'm leaving on Monday. I have been traveling almost 2 years and this is the first time I thought of quitting. That place has issues though. I was told many other travelers walked off the job and they have lost 87% of their staff over the last year. I know it is unprofessional to leave like this but I am not giving the patients the care they deserve either.
  2. ewrn

    Missing a class for CA license

    Well I applied for license by endorsement to California. I though everything was going great because they issued my Temp license on 5/4/15 but now today I get a notice saying I'm missing an oral communication class and that I can't get my permanent license until I meet the requirement. Since it is only one class I checked on doing an online public speaking course with UoP. They are telling me it is a fully online class that lasts 5 weeks. Sounds great but I was wondering if the board would accept it and also has anyone else taken this course from UoP ? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. I applied for a CA license by endorsement. I think I meet all the education requirements. The only thing im afraid of is when I took A&P and chemistry my school did not have me take lab courses with those. My transcript just shows A&P I and A&P II. Anybody have any idea if this might cause a problem. I have an ASN degree.
  4. ewrn

    Epic training

    Yea I read about their training in Madison, WI just wasn't sure if there was any other program.
  5. ewrn

    Epic training

    Just wondering if there is anyway to get Epic training if you don't work in a facility that uses it. I'm getting shut out of some great travel jobs because I have never used it before.
  6. I wanted to hear thoughts about RN Network. I am considering them for my first assignment.
  7. ewrn

    Nurse Supervisor References

    I asked about other types of references and the agency said it had to be only a direct supervisor. Too bad because I have plenty of coworkers and doctors that can give me rave reviews. They said they just wanted to ask her a few questions about my skills. I know I got great reviews on my evaluations and received a merit raise. I was a charge nurse after only 6 months working on the night shift. and precepted new employees and students. I only left my job because my mom died and I had just finished an IVF cycle. It was high risk so I though it would be best to take time off because I knew I couldn't give patients 100 percent at such a difficult time. My daughter died in Feb. and then I was ready to go back to work but that is when I found out she was not willing to take me back.
  8. ewrn

    Nurse Supervisor References

    Today, I called up a travel nursing company and told the recruiter I was interested in going to Louisiana for a first time travel assignment since I have all my family there. Everything was going well until they wanted supervisor references. I was honest and told the recruiter that I currently live in a small town ( I moved to North Dakota) and although I gave 4 weeks notice and was eligible for rehire my previous manager was not going to give me a good reference. She essentially black balled me because she was very unhappy that I left my position and she told all the unit managers when I tried to get rehired what a horrible employee I was so they would never want me. It was so bad that the hospital took away my rehire status and told me not to ever apply again. I feel terrible because this is a great opportunity for me and I'm sure they will tell me to get lost. I feel stupid being naive enough to think that being a hard worker would pay off. Is there any hope ?
  9. ewrn

    I hate my job and I can't get out.

    All the nurses on my unit are fairly new. No one has more than 2 yrs. experience except for the nurse managers. I left the clinic because I wanted to get acute care experience and I was afraid of getting stuck in one area early in my career. The clinic was nice but the pay is fairly low. The people I work with don't like the conditions but no one says anything they just slowly leave. I'm going to try to tough it out at least a year and then move on. The closest hospital from me is 100 miles.
  10. So I have been an RN since March 2011. In Sept. 2011, I moved 1,600 miles to get a new grad job in a clinic ( that is all they would offer) . I got a sign on bonus and had to sign a one year contract. After about 7 months I asked if I could transfer to the hospital and my manager agreed. I interviewed for a rotating position on the surgical floor. I was excited to get the experience and finally feel like a real nurse. Well, now I'm in a nightmare. When I first started the ratios were 1:4 on days and 1:7 on nights. This hospital has problems keeping staff but I figured the ratios were not too bad and I could get some overtime. Well now 5 weeks in they changed everything. No more over time pay at all. The ratios are now 1:6 on days and 1:8 on nights. They even cut back on what we chart IV's and PCA's once a shift now instead of Q4. They didn't want nurses staying past their shift to chart. They are tightening up and now saying they are fully staffed which is a lie. They employ over 30 travel nurses right now. My orientation is up soon and I'm really worried. I don't see how I can safely take care of that many patients. The last day I worked I had 5 patients : #1 MVA with chest tube and spinal fractures, #2 fresh post op appy, # 3 was a patient with a trach , spinal fractures, and feeding tube ,# 4 and# 5 were patients detoxing off alcohol after MVA's . This week I'm supposed to take 6 patients and I feel overwhelmed.
  11. ewrn

    Just hired at Trinity

    I'm moving out there this week and I got hired through an agency. Even they could not find me a hotel room or apartment. Housing is tight but if you look everyday on Craigslist, or Roomates.com you can probably find something. I found someone on roomates.com. Just be careful and ask the right questions.
  12. Did you ever find anything ? I have been looking with no luck so far. I'm also waiting to hear about an apartment through trinity.
  13. Did you get hired through an agency or directly by the hospital ? I have heard that even the hotels have no availability till at least Sept. 18th I got hired through an agency and they told me that the hospital has apartments and its 950 a month for a 2 bedroom. They encourage nurses to room mate together and I think its a 6 month min. lease. I also know its very hard to get a place secured unless you are there. Many places won't rent sight unseen and if they have people there ready to rent they get first choice.
  14. Yes I will be in the Oct. 3rd Orientation. I will be working a rotating position in the clinics. I'm thinking about getting up there at least a week before to find a place. It's kind of scary because many places won't rent to you unless you are in person. I'm trying to find a place where I can pay about 500-600 a month in rent. I'm going to start calling around today to see if I can get something setup.
  15. I'm going to be moving to Minot at the end of Sept. for a job with Trinity and I was wondering if anyone else was moving around the same time or already in Minot and looking for a room mate.
  16. I'm a Dec. 2010 grad and could not find any job locally and I felt like I was running out of time before I was no longer employable Well I applied to a job in Minot, ND through a recruiting firm. I never thought I would move from the south but this was the best opportunity out there for me as a new grad. If anyone is having a hard time finding work please look into working up there. I know the weather is harsh but they have a good training program and will actually treat you like a person during the interview and hiring process. I got the job along with excellent benefits, moving expenses, and sign on bonus. Super excited to finally work !