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  1. jose2010

    current CNA pay 2015

    I'm in west part of Illinois and I make 11 an hour... Nursing homes around here normally start out at 9.50 to 10.25 n assisted living usually 9 an hour....
  2. jose2010

    I feel like a flo

    Hi everyone... I've been at my job for almost 2 yrs now... I took a position were I no longer have to work the floor... But when there short staffed I'm always stuck working the floor... Lately we have been having trouble keeping staff.. So I've been working the floor non stop.. I might just go back to being a floor aid... I do miss my residents
  3. jose2010

    Current CNA Pay Range

    In Illinois I work in ltc making 10.25 and in Iowa I work at a Alf making 11.33 an hour...
  4. jose2010

    Thoughts on new CNA job?

    I remember when I first started out I was scared and nervous about anything and everything... it didn't help I started at run down facility. Now after 4 yrs I'm the lead cna at my facility and love it... like everyone else has said it does take time to get the hang of things..
  5. jose2010

    As a CNA, What Was Your Starting Pay? 2015

    Here in Illinois I make 10.25an hour in ltc and in Iowa in Alf I make 11 an hour and if you pass meds it's 12 an hour...
  6. jose2010

    You know you're a CNA when...

    When u hear chair alarms going off u intently drop everything
  7. jose2010

    Restarting my college career

    Thank you for the replies guys.... I did earn and am not proud of myself for getting F's.... I hope that now I have my head on straight and am ready to focus that I can work my butt off to get good grades and hopefully get into some nursing program
  8. jose2010

    Restarting my college career

    Hi there.... I started college back in Aug 2009 and sadly didn't do good at all for two years... I was trying to make my mom happy by telling her what she wanted to hear.... but now I'm ready to go back n try my hardest... my on concern is that since I failed alot of my classes then that I won't get accepted into the nursing program.....
  9. jose2010

    getting over my anxiety and nursing

    Thanks for the replies.... true anxiety won't go away 100% and it will always b with me... long as I have coping skills that helps I should to great....
  10. jose2010

    getting over my anxiety and nursing

    Thanks czap23.... it might take me longer but I know I can do it
  11. jose2010

    getting over my anxiety and nursing

    Hi there guys... I'm a 25 yr old and have been a cna for 3 yrs now... I love being an aid and helping people..... my anxiety has gotten alot better since of been a cna.... my question is since I'm not nearly ready to go back to school can I still be a good nurse if I get my anxiety 100 percent under control....
  12. jose2010

    I dread going to work everyday!

    You are not alone in that at all... I first started out on 2nd shift in assistant living and it was pretty easy then 3rd at a horrible facility and only lasted and a month and 2 weeks before getting a 3rs shift job at an other assistant living place and ended up fired cuz they were to clickie there I was there 5 months and on have been at a ltc for 5 months on 3rd I love this job we work as a team them compared to the other places I've worked..... Only thing I hate is forces stay I always get stuck on the days my stares staying for 2 or 3 hours helping get people up and helping with breakfast before i go.....
  13. jose2010

    What do 1st and 2nd shifts CNA's do during there shift

    Thanks for the replied... It really helps me out
  14. Hi there everyone... I'm sure this as been posted on here before n was just wondering what happens on these shift.... I've only worked 3rd in a nursing home setting before..... I want to b able to pick up extra shifts but have bad anxiety about working a shift I've never done before n I'm afraid of making a mistake... Any advice will help..... Thank you
  15. jose2010

    Nursing with Asperger's ... :/

    I'm also a cna and know what u r going though... I was once thought to have aspergers and went to a psych doctor and was told I have social anxiety.... I know that got me fired from my first job ever but have been put on meds that help out a lot and have been able to keep a job as long as I have....