Restarting my college career


Hi there.... I started college back in Aug 2009 and sadly didn't do good at all for two years... I was trying to make my mom happy by telling her what she wanted to hear.... but now I'm ready to go back n try my hardest... my on concern is that since I failed alot of my classes then that I won't get accepted into the nursing program.....


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Get ready to focus on getting the best grades possible. Consider looking into schools in your area that go off a pre-requisite GPA only, and offer grade forgiveness. Get ready to re-take those classes and get the best grade possible. While nursing schools are competitive, you may be able to find a program that will fit your needs, especially if you're able to relocate.

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Yes that should be a concern. There are consequences to getting Fs. Especially if you want a career in the medical field. When you apply to nursing school you will be required to provide all transcripts. ALL.

It doesn't matter if you were trying to make your mommy happy. You earned the Fs and now you will have a much harder road.


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I am getting back into the school game also. I am taking this next few months to prep to get all As by completing the CLEP study guides for some of the classes I know I will have trouble with, to give me some background into the subjects so its not all new to me. Good Luck!!!


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Thank you for the replies guys.... I did earn and am not proud of myself for getting F's.... I hope that now I have my head on straight and am ready to focus that I can work my butt off to get good grades and hopefully get into some nursing program

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Look at the requirements for the program you want to get in to. Nursing school is competitive. If you can retake any classes, you should look into it. If they want a cumulative GPA, you may be stuck. If you look at a program with a points system, you may fare better. The schools that have a points system though usually have a mininum GPA. My school goes off a points system, but the min GPA to apply is a 2.5. Every school requirements are different.