getting over my anxiety and nursing


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Hi there guys... I'm a 25 yr old and have been a cna for 3 yrs now... I love being an aid and helping people..... my anxiety has gotten alot better since of been a cna.... my question is since I'm not nearly ready to go back to school can I still be a good nurse if I get my anxiety 100 percent under control....


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Go back to school when you are ready. You might want to start with one or two classes before you jump into a full schedule. "can I still be a good nurse if I get my anxiety 100 percent under control.... "

I can't answer that one. That's all on you.

Good luck.


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Thanks czap23.... it might take me longer but I know I can do it

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IMO, you will never get over anxiety 100%, no one can, but like you said, you can control it. Prior to nursing, I never really had anxiety unless I was put on the spot like a speech, but then nursing school came. No matter how high my grade was or how easy the exam was, my anxiety always popped up (it wasn't severe, but enough to be considered mild I guess). Good thing for me though that my anxiety would kick in AFTER the test and not during it. I am usually super focused during exams. I always got some anxiety at the start of every clinical shift because you don't know if your nurse will be good, nice, kind, mean, etc and/or your patients and even other staff and family members.

All in all, you gotta face it and practice some relaxation techniques and focus. Anxiety goes away over time when you are in the field. When I started working per diem job at my hospital, I had 0 experience of what was going to happen. I was mega nervous the first 2-3 months but it eventually went away.


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A new endeavor is always accompanied by anxiety. I'm almost never anxious but as a new grad RN, I get pretty bad anxiety every morning before a shift. It goes away over time. Likewise, I was anxious about clinicals as a nursing student, but as the semester went on it got better. Only you know how much your anxiety affects you and how solid your coping strategies are.


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Thanks for the replies.... true anxiety won't go away 100% and it will always b with me... long as I have coping skills that helps I should to great....