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leslie_d has 6 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg.

I am a RN at LRMC and BayCare hospitals Going for my masters in 2017

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  1. leslie_d

    Travel company advice

    Hello! I am about to take my first travel assignment with AmericanMobile and before I sign everything and officially start I Googled the company (don’t know why I didn’t earlier?) and saw that they had horrible ratings. I’m wondering if anyone on here has ever used them before? Any advice? mom sort of in a bind because they are the only company that has a job in the city I need to work in (I’m in Alabama, ain’t no one wants to travel here lol) anyways, any advice would be awesome. Thanks!
  2. leslie_d

    New mom going into ARNP school

    Hello, I was just wanting some opinions from people who are in an ARNP program to help me out. I just gave birth to my son a month ago and I found out I got accepted into a spring program for family nurse practitioner. I'm debating whether to accept or not just because I feel frazzled as it is being a new mom let alone to add school on top. I know people juggle school and motherhood all the time and I'm trying not to make excuses. I just want some insight from people about how difficult the program is. Thank you.
  3. leslie_d

    ACNP vs FNP

    Hello, I will be applying to schools for my MSN degree soon but was wondering which program to go for? I love the hospital environment but have only worked med/surg (I have tried to go to ICU but positions are limited). I don't know if having limited experience will hinder my chances at getting into a acute care nurse practitioner program? I also dont know much about FNP programs and what they can do? I am just wanting some feedback on this issue thanks
  4. leslie_d

    Navy Nurse Canidate program

    Hello, I am a new RN with my associates degree going into a BSN program that will be online but it's at a accredited school. Am I eligible for the NCP? Or can I not join? Am I able to join in as a nurse afterwards? Thanks
  5. leslie_d


    So you went through ROTC? Did you get the scholarship? I'm worried about not getting the scholarship and not passing the physical part...I'm training right now though...
  6. leslie_d


    I am interested about the NROTC program and is wondering if anyone is currently going through it for nursing or is about to? Wondering what the process is like. thanks -Leslie

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