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  1. Thank you for sharing...and now it is time for "you" to let go. What you did was the right thing to do....in your heart and soul..it was right, now you let go....It's time. hero in every sense of the word
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    How to cope with stress overload??

    You are a Mom first and foremost....my only advice is one word. This one word gets me through stress, grief, anggravation, heartache and even happiness. BREATHE. Take one breath at a time. be a Mom, celebrate your new home, ALL your children's birthday's and breathe. It will all go on with each breath.:heartbeat:redbeathe:)
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    Flea Market Contact Lenses

    They never fail to amuse me!!
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    This whole bullying has gotten out of control. When we grew up, it was pick on someone your own size.....the bullyer(sp) is probably chicken and felt so powerful against the lil' one, he needs to be suspended and both kid and parents should be forced into classes on kindness
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    was I too harsh

    7th grader comes in to my office: frequent flier student: when i twist my knee this way it really hurts. me: dont twist it that way, just walk and stand normal student: what do i do when it hurts me: is it hurting now? student: no me; so then why are you here? student: can i have a cough drop instead? me: why? student: cause i wanted to chew on something me: chew on your knee, it'll take your mind off the pain
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    deep breath and laugh...laughing makes ya forget the bad
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    need ideas for healthy snacks

    Thank you all for your great suggestions, will pass them on, and we'll see.......
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    need ideas for healthy snacks

    our special Ed teachers insist on "rewarding" the special ed students with snacks for good behavior. No matter HOW many times I speak to them about cookies cookies and cookies they keep "forgetting", so I am sending an email with a list of snacks that can be provided. They choose to purchase the snacks with their own $$, DESPITE WHAT THE DISTRICT SAYS... so if they choose to go AGAINST policy, at least they agreed to provide what I state they can have...So bring on the suggestions: sliced apples, grapes (no good cho:idea:king hazard). Pretzels sticks etc Thanks everyone!!
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    Well,I went from savior to idiot in less than 2 hours...

    I honestly would have called out, asking her to come back into the office and gently explained that Tylenol is not given for 99.6, and that she is more than willing to give it to him and send him back to class
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    Should I talk to principal about this? (long note)

    Stay on his side throughout this entire process. he needs guidance, care and love: you seem to be the only dishing it out
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    Over the Counter Meds at School

    We need three things in NJ in order to give meds (rx or OTC) 1) parent written permission 2) Physician written permission for the specific med 3) the actual medication in the original bottle Order for motrin must say Motrin for pain, h/a cramps. cannot walk in with Tylenol for toothache. no one gives pain meds but me.
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    Kid's Conversations

    they are so gosh darn honest it kills me.. Well, Im ancient in his eyes at 44 y/o,lil stinker
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    was I too harsh

    Thes kids make me laugh so much. spend the majority of my day laughing
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    Giving info to police

    oohh tough one. Just because they are the police does not give them full rein over your records. I believe a subpeona is in order
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    was I too harsh?? 7th grader

    student: when i twist my knee this way it really hurts. me: dont twist it that way, just walk and stand normal student: what do i do when it hurts me: is it hurting now? student: no me; so then why are you here? student: can i have a cough drop instead? me: why? student: cause i wanted to chew on something me: chew on your knee, it'll take your mind off the pain i just can't take it anymore...my side hurts from laughing
  16. I would seriously consider NOT sending him on a field trip with this child. This could come back and bite you on the butt. "She never informed me, etc" A nurse with that many nurse experience and he's is asking those questions....RED FLAG RED FLAG!!
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    Who does this fall to??

    I call parents strictly from a medical standpoint. Nurse: Maam, your son was in an altercation this morning, he sustained an injury to his left eye. I have checked his vision, clear, pupils reactive to light. he does have some swelling and discoloration around the eye for which I have applied ice. I suggest you keep an eye on it. Mom: Who did it? is the kids punished what is the school doing about it? Nurse: maam, I can only speak to you about the medical needs which were addressed, if you like I can transfer you to the vice prinicpal (or security officer, principal) to speak about the disciplinary issue. Thats all I say.
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    Sexually active students

    agreed, that 14 cannot give consent. I would still ask her if her parents are aware and ask her if you can call them
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    Am I the only one? (Vent)

    I find if a parent writes that kind of note OR tells the kids if they feel bad call home and they will get picked up...that the parents needed a break from the kid and was hoping to get a few hours respite too. I simply say call home and have your parents pick them up. If the parent asks if the kids is feverish etc: I simply say the child wants to go home and you already gave them permission.
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    if injury happened over w/e and parents know: NO ICE No open wound/no blood= no bandaid coughing= drink water I always send them back.....the teacher will then call me and I say I am using MY NURSING judgement that I was trained AND HIRED to use and they are not sick
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    Sexually active students

    Ask her if her parents are aware that she is sexually active. If they are aware of the age of the boy, then she has parental consent. If they dont, it needs to be reported.
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    Interested in School Nursing. Thoughts? (Long)

    1.)what do you love about sn? i love the interaction with the kids, i have 6th 7th 8th. they keep me on my toes and laugh all day 2.)what do you hate? the drama and the amount of meds these kids take too much prozac/zoloft . (i think the parents need it more than the kid) 3.)is subbing a good way to "break in" i "broke in" by subbing and just biding my time. i had the luxury of not having to work fulltime so i can be "on call" for subbing in the 6 schools 4.)with a sub job will there be any "orientation" to the different schools in the district? i asked to go to each school to learn the lay out of the nurses office. i didnt get paid (which stunk) but it showed how much i wanted in 5.)how did you know sn was for you/how soon did you know? i knew the day i started subbing. i also knew which grade level i wanted. the beauty of subbing is that you get to go to all the school levels good luck
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    School clinic substitutes- help!

    If the school is unable to find a sub, ask the parents of the child to come in and give their child (AND ONLY THEIR CHILD) the medication. The parent will complain but the nurse is entitled to sick days/personal days..That is why they give them. Police officers, firemen, postal employees, all take sick days. Why can't school nurses:rolleyes:
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    School nursing positions in Durham/Chapel Hill

    go to the school district's webpage. If the school has any openings there would be a listing under employment opportunites.
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    This always makes me CrAzY...

    oh schoolnursebsn you hit the nail on the head.416 different non-working phone numbers and then they yell at me for not calling. it gives me great pleasure to pull out the form with their signature on it and show them that i would have if i had a good number. i then hear..why didnt you let my son call me from his cell phone he has my new numbers? are you kidding me????????????