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    Hi all, Anyone familiar with UCONN CRNA practice? Saw a job listing on their site regarding shifts (9/10/16/24) and I wanted to clarify if everyone has too do 16s and 24s, and what the culture is like there. Thanks in advance!
  2. njxcrush18

    NYP locations outside NYC?

    Hi all, Been a practicing CRNA for several years outside NY and looking to move back with my spouse end 2021/2022. I've always worked for large academic centers, and would like to continue. Anyone work for NYP-Hudson Valley / Lawrence Hospital or any other large academic centers in the area (outside of NYC)? Looking to ask about culture/environment, ect. Truthfully - a healthy / non-toxic environment is my priority. It's the one thing you don't find out in an offer letter 😉 We have family in NJ and in Long Island and are trying to be closer, but also in a more affordable area. Thanks in advance!
  3. njxcrush18

    Carrer options for an AP RN?

    Hi all, I'm a CRNA with a MS in Anesthesia....a very niche degree. My previous career was entirely bedside. After several years as a CRNA and several facilities, I've accepted that the profession is not for me. Don't get me wrong - I love the paycheck. Who wouldn't? But it is all the extraneous variables that really turns me off: the god-complexes, the constant politics with anesthesiologists who look for any way to belittle, losing that patient connection, fighting to get a bathroom break, stuck in a windowless room for hours on end in one spot. In the OR setting, you really see the business side of things and I feel very disconnected to why I truly entered this profession. Minutes are dollars. And at the very least, I feel like I'm losing many of my skills I once honed so very well. Can anyone shed light into career options that are possible with a MS? I love education but it seems I need to go back to school in order to get into that field / hospital based nurse educator. Going back to school is a hard no. Thanks for the brainstorm session in advance!
  4. Hi,


    I read your post about being dissatisfied with the CRNA profession. I entirely feel you. I'm not sure if you even get emails for this any longer but I'd love to hear how you proceeded. The thought of staying in the profession for 20 more years feels like it is zapping my soul. Dramatic, sure....but true. 


    hope all worked out for you! 

  5. Hi all. So we are in recession times...and bills gotta be paid...and i'd rather stab my right eye than do more overtime on my already understaffed and over-worked unit. make that stab my right eye and break both my thumbs. i signed with this agency..for part-time work. but they never have anything available bc their staff is too big and i'm too low on the totem. it was ideal....the assignments are all any day Mon-Fri, 830 / 9 - 5/530. as a night shifter, it was perfect bc well...i'm tired of doing nights and losing out on life. i would call them up...say i'm avail these days, and the night before they give me where i have to be and when. i'm like the temp for the day basically i'm looking for agency recommendations for PT work as an RN...stuff in manhattan or queens...outside the hospital...in clinics in office buildings, occupational health, flu shot clinics, ect. any suggestions? i only see stuff that staffs hospitals and nursing homes.
  6. njxcrush18

    Sinai Salary Question!!

    ok...where else do you go to dispell a myth but the internet? ) so i presently work at a hospital making 37 an hour base pay after 2 years experience..plus 3 an hour for nights. QUESTION. i have a friend who says she was hired my sinai for cath lab at 44/hr for days....with 3 years experience in med surg/step down. clearly you can see my dilemma....my overtime working, pinching pennies to pay loans n bills..dilemma. is there truth to this? does sinai offer 44/hr base for days with 3 years exeprience? please clarify this vicious rumor!!!
  7. njxcrush18

    new CNII in NYC

    Hey everyone: I'm a CNII out here in SF, CA. I started here right after nursing school so my entire nursing experience is CA-based. I work in general surg / urology. My question is... I'm moving back home to NYC in July...but truth....i am really unsure what to expect as far as nursing goes in NYC, or even outside CA. I was debating on doing traveler to test the waters of NYC floors so i doing commit myself to a living hell..but...well, here in CA we never have more than 5 patients (and there are nights i run bc its so hectic)....so i'm nervous as not only would i have to readjust to getting ore than 5 pts...but i'd also have to floated quite often (at least thats how it works on my floor with travelers). my questions: what are typical nurse / pt ratios at NYP, Sinai, Sloan? Is NYC nursing Diff than CA nursing ? (some floors here don't even have nurses aids....so the nurse does EVERYTHING from making beds to vitals to feeding..for 4 patients) Where's a good place to get feedback on hospitals and nursing? LASTLY.... would i be placed in a new grad program or does my CNII carry over?? ANY help is appreciated
  8. njxcrush18

    out of state new grad questions!!!

    hey everyone.. so..i was fortunate enough to be offered a position in a SF hospital to start training on the feb 12 program (next one is in may). i graduate in december (21st) from an NYC nursing school (yey!). now...here's my dilemma... securing an IP, or being able to sit for the NCLEX. I was planning to take NCLEX the week before i left ...bc i could take a kaplan review course for a week (and then take the exam the next monday)...so it's all fresh. HOWEVER...i come to find out that my lovely school doesn't send out our transcripts until the official graduation day...that being JANUARY 22. so then i have to get my transcipts over to calif board of nursing..they have to process it...review it...and then issue me an IP or ok me to take the exam. OMG!!!! what are the chances that will all be able to happen before feb 12???? would it speed things up if i physically bring the transcripts to sacramento and gave them to the board (could they eval right there for me???) bc i hav eto move there anyways...and was planning to do so on the 23rd (i figure i could take the NCLEX on the 22nd..but apparently not anymore...). ANYONE else do this before and it worked out? thanks for any suggestions in advance;o)
  9. njxcrush18

    San Fran vs. NYC cost of living

    Hi everyone. I'll soon be a new grad here in NYC. I live in Manhattan presently. I'm applying to hospitals in San Fran, who have specifically told me (without my asking) what salary was. And I will say, it's far better than new grad salary in NYC. That being said.... San Fran...everyone says how crazy expensive it is there to live. is this true?? I can't imagine it's more expensive than NYC. I live a 15 min walk from the train (far by NYC standards) in the upper east (very UN trendy by NYC standards) in a shared one bedroom that cost 2000 total for. I can't leave the grocery store without spending 30 bucks and having a small little shopping bag to show for everything i got (thankfully, now we have trader joes and i can leave with 2 bags of groceries for 30 bucks;o). bars cost 7-9 bucks for a drink. so tell me..how does san fran compare to NYC as far as cost of living? i don;t plan to live it up there. Simple one bedroom or studio...near public transport (i won't buy a car...i refuse to deal with parking). my only expenses will be a dog (maybe), gym membership...and the basics. guys...tell me all those people are crazy who say SF is far more expensive than NYC..
  10. Does anyone know of any new grad residency programs in the ER in NYC? its the field i want to get into. due to scholarship limitations, i have to remain working in NYC. i have heard hospitals will hire new grads for intensive internships/residency and then place in the ER. anyone know of them?
  11. njxcrush18

    Family objections to your career

    Wow....thats all I can say. I truly appreciate everyone's support! And also my compassion to those who experienced similar events with thir family. It feels really good to know I'm not alone in this...be it that this is a discussion board for worldwide posts...it still gives me comfort;) I was hurt when it happened...and now i'm just pissed off! to that violent extent..LoL:D thank you again.
  12. njxcrush18

    Family objections to your career

    Hey guys...whats doing? I wanted to ask if there was anyone else there who's family opposed their becoming a nurse? i spent a typical weekend at home last week (which is why i haven't been there in 6 months)...ending its its typical fashion....with a fight....upon which i was told by my father that i'm his biggest disappointment and an embarassment because i'm going to nursing school.:stone my mom then advised me not to come back home because of the nursing thing and how he feels about the issue (don't be mistaken..my mom is completely proud of me and brags all the time...but she also knows how my father is and how he acts to me and knows it's for my safety i don't go back) any guys out there experience something similar?