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  1. Hi, I am an LPN and have recently been accepted into an LPN-RN transition program at a local college. I am so excited about starting the program and getting my RN license but the closer school gets the more nervous I find myself! I got my LPN license in 2007 but have only worked very part-time since graduating. I worked for a very short time at a hospital (loved it but had to quit due to a family situation) and spent the rest of my time at an ALF where there is really no nursing going on. I was looking over our skills checklist and realized that I haven't done any of those things in a long time, some only in LPN school, and some only once at all! I am so worried that it is going to be too difficult to jump into the bridge program being so removed from even LPN nursing. Has anyone else been in this situation? Anyone have any ideas as to how to prepare for school? Am I worrying too much or is it justified worrying? Any ideas/advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks so much!!:)
  2. I received my acceptance letter into the LPN/RN transition program in the mail today (dated the 28th)!!!! Just wanted to let everyone know that they are finally being mailed out!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
  3. lexuan

    PHCC Fall 2011 RN/LPN ROLL CALL!!!!!!

    I got my acceptance letter for the LPN-RN Transition program beginning in August!!!!! I am so happy!!!! Just wanted to let everyone know that the letters are on the way!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
  4. lexuan

    PHCC Fall 2011 RN/LPN ROLL CALL!!!!!!

    "I know that this semester they are just looking at individual subject scores and not composite, but I was just curious?" I hadn't heard this info. Are they putting any higher weight on a particular individual subject score(s)? I haven't even received a letter regarding my application!! So hard to wait!!!
  5. lexuan

    PHCC Fall 2011 LPN-RN bridge

    Anyone else apply for this program? When I dropped off my application they told me we should be hearing something around the first week in July. I can't wait!!