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  1. Anxious In NE

    Bryan LGH..

    hello everyone! i applied for the bsn program for fall '10 at bryan and have an interview next week! has anyone else applied to/been accepted to their program? i am just wondering how the whole application process goes, does everyone get an interview? or am being considered for the program? ah! i'm getting so nervous, i just don't want to bomb the interview!! if anyone has any pointers or info, i would greatly appreciate any info :) thanks!
  2. Anxious In NE


    I got the call today to interview for one of the nursing schools I applied to. EEEEK! I'm freaking out! Does anyone who has interviewed already have any questions they remember? I get VERY nervous in interview situations usually.. Also, since I am getting an interview does this mean I'm in?
  3. Anxious In NE

    Someone to read over nursing school essay? (:

    thanks everyone! :)
  4. Anxious In NE

    Has anyone taken Nutrition at Metro?

    I am taking it this spring and was just wondering if anyone know which professor is better... Neubauer-Cheng or Van Riper? Thanks! :)
  5. Anxious In NE

    Everyone Starting Nursing Courses Fall 2010

    I finally sent my nursing school apps in this week! Now I just have to wait to hear back. I feel like it has already been forever, haha. Finishing pre-reqs this spring.. stats sociology and chemistry and micro over the summer. I am also getting my CNA this spring, hopefully class will help keep my mind off waiting! Good luck to everyone else waiting to hear back too! (:
  6. Writing has never really been my strong point. .. If anyone would like to read over this and maybe give a few pointers? Thanks! Here is the prompt.. Statement of your motivation for helping others. Why you will be successful as a health care provider. Why you wish to attend ___________. When I picture myself five or ten years from now, I do not necessarily see a hospital room, or a doctor's office, I see myself helping a patient, making a difference in someone's life. I have always felt the need to help others, whether it is being a shoulder to cry on for a friend, or volunteering my time to help others less fortunate than myself. I feel that this fits in very well to the field of nursing. Nurses are not only there to perform tasks medically, but for comfort and understanding for the patients. As long as I remember, I have been drawn to the medical field, always asking questions of my doctors and nurses during appointments, and taking as many science classes as possible in high school. When I was in third grade, my dad took my sister and I swimming at the beach, as our day of fun was going on, the thought never occurred to me that it was the day I would decided what I really wanted to do with my life. A man was swimming, and became trapped under one of the blow-up slides after hitting his head. My dad was one of the first people who saw the man, and instantly made an effort to bring the man to shore, and before I knew it, a huge crowd had gathered, including two nurses. I watched closely as they performed CPR, attended to his other wounds and in the end saved the man's life. I was in such shock that something so miraculous had just taken place right in front of me, it was something I had just seen on TV, and did not think really happened. I know that life or death situations like this do not happen every day, but at the end of day, when I come home, I want to feel that I helped someone, that I affected someone in a positive way. I always try to keep a smile on my face and a positive attitude, no matter how my day is going. I feel like a smile is worth so much more, a simple smile to someone can make their entire day, it can be the little pick me up they need to make it through a difficult situation. When I was seven years old, I became an aunt, since then I have been around younger kids and helped babysit too many times to count. Being around younger children has really helped me to be more patient, younger kids do not always listen to everything you say, or it might take them longer to complete a game or task than an older person. This is a very important skill in nursing, patients will have all different levels of ability, or movement and I will need the patience to stick with it and help them through. In high school, I kept busy with work, classes, clubs, volunteer work, and still had time for a social life. I was able to keep everything in order and under control because of my time management skills, my hard work ethic and my persistence. Even when things got a little hectic, I knew that if I sat down and listed everything out, and made a plan I could get through it. I have always tried to put schoolwork first, my education is very important to me. When I graduate college, I will be the first of my six other siblings to graduate from both high school and college. This is a huge achievement for me, I know that with a degree I will be able to move forward and make a life for myself. I have always desired to know as much as I can, I am constantly asking my doctors what a procedure was done for, or why it was done the way it was, or staying after class to ask a few questions to the professor. As a healthcare professional, it is important to strive for more knowledge to keep up with the ever-happening changes in research and procedures. I think of my self as very personable, I am a very easy person to talk to and love to listen to others and try to help them. I am the type of person whose friends go to them first for advice on a decision or just for someone to listen to them and help them through a hard time. I think this will be beneficial to a healthcare profession because communication skills are one of the main requirements towards helping someone. You do not only need to be able to share your knowledge but also to be able to listen and also pick up non-verbal communications as well. Critical thinking has always been my favorite part of math and science classes, it does not have to deal with strictly formulas and computations, I get to put my knowledge to work. I have to think on the drop of a dime, incorporate many different aspects to come to the best possible solution. Nursing to me is not just a scientific career or solely a nurturing career; it cannot be one without the other. The two need to be combined to have a harmonious and successful outcome and nursing is the career that utilizes all of these qualities. At a information fair at my previous college, I received a small piece of paper that simply read, 'Save one life, you're a hero; save 100 lives, you're a nurse.' This quote has been on my mind recently, I have always thought of nurses as heroes, and this shows they are more than just a hero. They are the one that is there to listen, they are the person who cares if their patient's son won the big soccer game last week, they're the person who can pick up on the smallest vibe or change in their patient. When I read this quote, I think to myself, 'I hope one day I can be someone's hero, someone's nurse.' I was born and raised in the _______ area, and love everything about it here. I have known my entire life that _______ is the place I want to end up, have a career, raise a family. It just makes sense to begin my true nursing career, nursing school, in _______. When considering the options, ______ jumps off the page at me. It has the three main qualities I am looking for in a school, small size, close to home and reasonably affordable. On top of that, a 94% board pass rate, 8% above the national average, I know that it is a successful program. My goal in life is to be a successful nurse, who can be a hero to my patients, and would love to begin this journey at _______.
  7. Anxious In NE

    Chem or Micro..?

    Which of these should I take first, or does it matter? I have already taken AP 1 & 2, and also took a general Biology course..
  8. Anxious In NE

    Has anyone taken Stats at MCC?

    Has anyone taken Stats through MCC? I'm planning on taking it this spring and was wondering how difficult the online version is, or if I should not take it online and do a regular class?...
  9. Anxious In NE


    I'm debating taking 'Spanish for the Medical Professional'.. is this a good idea? I took Spanish all of high school, but want to brush up. Is it worth it to take this course?
  10. Anxious In NE

    Research College of Nursing January 2010 anyone?

    I'm actually not going to research, I transferred back home for nursing school, SO much cheaper! But, the only classes that almost all of the nursing students take together are AP1, AP2, Microbiology and chem. Most people will have the human exist, christianity done already, we we urged to take them early and get them out of the way.
  11. Anxious In NE

    Nursing School Application Question

    I am currently in the process of applying to nursing schools, but ran into a difficult question on an app. 'Tell us about a time that you found it difficult to follow a rule, policy or decision' The prompt says to answer the question in 750 words or less. My problem is that I don't know how to answer this without sounding negative, and also don't really have any specific events that come to mind..! :confused:
  12. Anxious In NE

    Research College of Nursing January 2010 anyone?

    In Kansas City? I'm not sure if you are coming from the Rockhurst program or not, but there is a large group of sophomores coming to Research for nursing from Rockhurst University.