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Chem or Micro..?


Which of these should I take first, or does it matter?

I have already taken AP 1 & 2, and also took a general Biology course..

I took chem & organic chem before micro. I am now currently in micro & for me it was a better organization of my classes. In my chem class i was not "handicapped" because i hadn't taken micro!

I think Chem was a prereq for Micro for my college.

I'd go with Chem.

I vote for Chemistry as well. As another poster said, you don't need Microbiology to do well in Chemistry. Atoms make up molecules which make up macromolecules which make up cells... so understanding Chemistry will provide you with a good base for learning Micro.

bio is a pre req o anp and chem is a pre req to micro which i find odd since bio talks about krebs cycle etc and micro talks about it as well they talk about coci rod n different bactierias which micro talks about seems to me bio should be a pre req for micro... but if u need micro n u dont need chem take micro... seing how most schools need micro... if had to choose id take micro before chem esp if u dont need it.. umm besides that if you need both i guess take chem im in micro and anatmy i took chem and bio those were the pre reqs for the classes im taking now.. i had no choice.. gl thoin ur decision

Our school proceeds like this:

intro to chem

organic chem

bio chem

into to bio





Into to chem is a prerequ for organic and bio chem

into to bio is a rereq for all the biology courses

anatomy is a prereq for physiology

physiology is a prereq for patho

bio chem and into to bio are prereqs for micro