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I am currently in the process of applying to nursing schools, but ran into a difficult question on an app.

'Tell us about a time that you found it difficult to follow a rule, policy or decision' The prompt says to answer the question in 750 words or less. My problem is that I don't know how to answer this without sounding negative, and also don't really have any specific events that come to mind..! :confused::confused:

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I am sure you can think outside the healthcare field to find an answer for this question. Was there never any policy/rule/decision in any area of your life that you disagreed with but felt you had to comply? School, parents, politics, religion, relationships, anything? Nursing schools know that not everybody will have a fitting example from the healthcare field. More likely, they want to see how you approach such a situation and how you try to solve it, because chances are you might find yourself in such a situation in nursing one day. To use an actually experienced case is important because they do not want to read what you believe they want to hear, but they want to learn about you as a person. Good luck, I had to think about my essays for a while as well when I applied.


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anxious nursing student,

If you have not had any past situations involving not following rules or policys, then use that as your reply to the question. ex: "I have not in my experience had a problem with following rules/policys/decisions. But my patients care will always be my top priority." Just a suggestion,

Good Luck with the nursing program.

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I think they're more asking what your actions were in the situation. We're all going to work somewhere where we don't agree with 100% of the rules or procedures, and they're most likely curious as to how you would address the situation.

If you can think of any ethical dilemma you may have dealt with, or a school rule, rental contract clause, etc.


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Maybe they are asking to see if you are willing to go against a decision that has been made so that you could better assist a patient, or so that you an make the right decision even if it goes against a policy. Sometimes standing up against the powers that be is the right decision, and that is the type of person that makes a strong leader. That might be what the school is looking for. Just an idea.