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im a 26 years old woman,came to america with my husband,im from a french education country,i like to discuss health problems and occupation with poeple and im interested to be come a nurse in the future,i believe that a person should do his best i

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  1. tayssir

    chemistry 103

    hi all i am taking fundamental of chemistry during fall. does this course require critical thinking likes math does or is it based on a lot of memorization like microbiology. thanks for any reply.
  2. tayssir

    what is difficult about anatomy and phisiology

    Thanks TO ALL OF YOU. I was very pleased to read all your replys. thanks for the informations and the tips. good luck to all of you. thank you.
  3. Hi all I an going to take Anatomy and phisiology during the fall. please would you tell me what is difficuT about this course. i have been reading through this website and i got the feeling that this course is a monster. some tips please on how to deal with A/P. LOOKING FORWARD TO READING ANY TIP. thanks
  4. tayssir


    hi Iam done w ith my pre-requisite for RN program. what some courses that i can take toward my bsn while waiting to get into the RN prograM any reply is appreciated
  5. tayssir

    unknown in microbiology

    Hi i have next week the unknown lab, please what to expect? i am doing well on lecture exams however lab is giving me some difficulties. i would appreciate any information or input regarding the unknown test: what to expect? thank you.
  6. tayssir

    need some help with microbilogy in summer

    Hi Jen Thank you dearly for your word of advice and your kindness too. if i need any help, sure i will ask for it. thanks. :)
  7. tayssir

    need some help with microbilogy in summer

    [hi Thanks for your reply. i do not live in verginia. i wish i really find somebody to study with. it is realy getting hard. good luck t to you and thanks for everybody that took time to read and answer my email. tayssir
  8. Hi everybody Iam taking microbiology 107 this summer. any goodweb site for practice please. every thing is going just so fast and i am afraid to lose the track. i am a good student but a slow learner. this is my first summer class experience. very very nervous. i am having diarreha all the time. may be i am too much stressed out. i love to read all your emails. you are very wondeful poeple. good luck to all summer students. very proud of poeple taking more than one summer class. i wish i can do that too but i am not that good i guess. thanks for any help. tayssir
  9. tayssir

    tuition for nursing school?

    Hi Lori thanks for your reply and thanks a lot about the website. i will definitely give it a try. good luck to you too. tayssir
  10. hi all. Iam just surprised how poeple talk about the opportunity of tuition reimbursment out there for nursing school. i did not find any like this even though i am in so much need of assistance. sorry to bother you by reading my long email.but currently, i am astudent in howard comminity college. i did apply for financial aid but got none. they said i am not qualified. i was working before but stayed home to take my pre-requisite, have no children and the income of my husband is not that good i can tell moderate. i would really really really appreciate any help on how to get some help paying for my school, any place, any source. thank you for any imput. God bless all of you tayssir
  11. tayssir

    help with microbiology

    Hi all thanks to all of you for all your help, advices and support. good luck to all of us. tayssir
  12. tayssir

    help with microbiology

    Hi thank you for your reply.actually, i did not take chemistry before but i took math 131 this spring . i appreciate your reply. i am going to school in howard commuinty college . good luck to you with your summer classes. thanks tayssir
  13. tayssir

    help with microbiology

    Hi everybody i will be taking microbiology during summer, any advice from poeple that have taken this courses before? any website or books that you can recommend for me. i am not really good with science. am so nervous..... thanks for any reply. tayssir
  14. tayssir

    a question

    :) Hi Kacy thank you for your reply,yes i am A BIT nervous . i am trying to take the pre entrance lpn exam.what do you mean by PSB? thank you again zaynab :)
  15. tayssir

    a question

    please ,i need your help. for those that have already taken the pre entrance exam for lpn program. what is the exam about? what shall i be studying now to boost my success? i am working now as a pharmacy technician but want to take the lpn program meanwhile i want your guidance about what i can be studying on my own to help me get into it and score well for that pre entrance exam,any name of any book or any other source will be great. my question may seem silly to some but i am an immigrant and have no clue how things out there may be thank you all for any word of advice
  16. hi everybody im from maryland,im thinking seriously about the lpn program, please,if anybody took that program, would you kindly tell me about it?:what are the requirement for admission?where do you take it?is there any pre_requisite to take?does it take long to get into it?how much does it cost? im asking a lot of question,i hope this will not discourage you from replying to me,any information means so much to me. thank you so much for any help,i will be so blessed to hear from any one about that