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  1. Hows Toronto treating all their nurses???

    I have nothing good to say about Toronto and how they treat their nurses. The nursing system in Ontario in general has been a big disappointment to me.
  2. helen feuer exam prep

    helen feuer exam prep anyone heard of the helen feuer exam prep. a few people said it is better than kaplan.
  3. car pool for nclex exam

    Anyone out there in the GTA planning on writing their nclex-RN exam in a few months wanting to car pool. please PM me.
  4. unofficial nclex results

    can anyone tell me how long after accessing their "unofficial" nclex results did it take for it to then appear on the BON(board of nursing) they wrote for. And, if you do not pay for this "unofficial" results does it still appear on the BON. I am no...
  5. Visascreen

    thanks for responding to me suzanne, I am still waiting for my ID#. I hope by the end of January.
  6. Visascreen

    Hello fellow nurses Can anyone who has been through the visacreen process tell me how long does it take to get an ID number once you have sent your application. Also how long does the whole process take if you have already taken the nclex. Any info ...
  7. I Passed!!!!!11

    congradulations!!!! could you tell me which study guide you used and were they different then the first time you took the exam. which one really helped if any? thanks
  8. Happy Birthday, Suzanne4!!!

  9. nclex results

    hello, can anyone tell me how long did it take for them to receive their nclex results by mail from Minnesota nursing board after they took the nclex. thanks.
  10. waiting nclex result

    I took the nclex yesterday Now I am just waiting. I did not think I would feel this anxious but I left that exam after 120 questions feeling like a log. I honestly do not know how I did. My intention was to pass but I honestly do not know. Out of 12...
  11. Just a note of warning to all you Canadian nurses who are under the new visascreen extension 2005. My friend who works in CT her husband stopped into one of the immigation offices inquiring about the new paperwork for the extension, all the immigra...
  12. Are there still jobs for nurses in Canada?

    I have to agree with you Monie2004. I just passed my exam in June and I have had a number of offers from LTC but no acute care hospitals. I do see lots of postings at most GTA hospitals but they are not looking for new grads, unless you did your pr...
  13. visascreen extended to 2005.

    thanks fergus and suzanne.
  14. I was reading that visascreen has been extended until 2005. Did anyone else read this? Or did I read it wrong?
  15. info on unlimited nurse search

    Does anyone have any information on unlimited nurse search be it good or bad. It is a recruiting agency but I do not know much about them and where can one go to find informatin on recruiting agencies? thanks. :uhoh21: