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I am a new grad. I have a list of states that I am considering going to, but I need to find out what the salary ranges are especially for a new grad. I have Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Georgia, California and Nevada on my mind so far. Is there somewhere that ranks states according to salary for nursing and standard of living. I would like to do a comparison.


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Go to, there you can choose the city you want to work in, get the salary then view the differences in cost of living between two places based on salary. I have found that their salary estimates are okay..not the most accurate but the cost of living estimator is great.


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I'm new to allnurses and currently a student, anticipating graduation in May 2004, yay! As a result, I am trying to do lots of research and find my "place." This website might help you with regard to information regarding median pay scales...hope so:



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that was a darn good link, thanks


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I'm glad you like it. Another one to try, forgot it last time, is for career options, changing locations, etc... it is a great site with tons of information.


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First choose an area you would like to live in. (Money should not be the most important factor) Second I moved from Maryland to Atlanta and I would never go back. I make just as much as an RN and the over all cost of living is better.


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The other thing you have to consider, as I am sure you know, is cost of living. Some of the places you mentioned have areas of high costs of living--so it would make sense that you are paid a bit better to keep up with these costs. As others have mentioned, make sure you live in an area that you want to be in for more than the money--similarly, pick a hospital for its new grad program, staff happiness, etc...not necessarily for the 10,000 dollar sign on bonus! Just my thoughts, good luck with finding a new place.


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I think I'll just win the house from HGTV they are giving away, located on the beautiful South Georgia coast and decide from there! Wouldn't that be too cool for colored TV! Thanks for all the words of wisdom.


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From your post, it sounds like being a travel nurse would suit you. Have you ever considered doing that?


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If salary is your #1 consideration, are you sure you're in the right field? LOL

Salary is very important a hobby is something that you do for only the enjoyment a career is something that you do for financial success as well as personal goals. Yoour job is that much more rewarding if you make a decent salary...dont you think?

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The US Dept of Labor list the top 5 paying states for RN's and LPN's. I don't think they have a cost of living comparison though.

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