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  1. Baltimore Nurse

    Baltimore- Do You Love It or Hate It?

    I have lived in Baltimore all of my adult life and lost of my child hood life. I think it is dangerous but you have to just play it safe. By that I mean, dont go walking in secluded areas alone at night by your self. I feel living in the county is a litle more safe than living in the city, especially if you are not from here... you may not have thte street smarts to avoid people and situations that should be avoided. If you come from another area that is urbanized and is a big city than I think you will be fine! If you come from a rural area than I think you will be fine, but I would be causous. I have never worked at Maryland General, but it located in the heart of downtown Maryland, so I am sure they deal with a lot of inner city issues, they are not a trauma center so you dont have to worry about that. I dont want to deter you fromcoming here to Maryland, I think it is a great state for nurses, the demand for all kinds of nurses is high and the pay is good! I love it here. But I do want to be honest with you. I work at Mercy Hosptial in downtown Baltimore and I love it! If there is any other specific questions that I can answer to help you make your decision let me know!
  2. Baltimore Nurse

    Nursing in the City or Suburbs?

    I am moving from Baltimore to York PA, at this point I plan to communte to Baltimore city which is about 45-60 mintue drive because I can not afford to take a pay cut... I am still investingating what hospitals pay in PA. If anyone has any thoughts on the pay range please post them. Thanks.