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I took the nclex yesterday :confused: Now I am just waiting. I did not think I would feel this anxious but I left that exam after 120 questions feeling like a log. I honestly do not know how I did. My intention was to pass but I honestly do not know. Out of 120 questions I can only remember 5 that I feel I did a poor job on. It is totally crazy. What happened to the other 115 questions I can't even remember them. Well I hope I get my result soon, life goes on. :balloons:


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life goes on. :balloons:

Of course it does, and it still is GOOOD!!! If I were the betting type I would bet you PASSED!!!


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Well..I took my NCLEX exam yesterday as well and am nervously awaiting the results. I guess since its a holiday on monday, I won't hear until tuesday. I don't feel confident about having passed my exam. I suppose I'm not the only one who has felt that way but right now I feel somewhat alone as I wait. Reading this site has helped ease my mind a bit. This is my first time posting here so while I am whining a bit about whether or not I passed, I'd also like to pass on a big hello!! Good luck to "bashy"! I'll check back to see how you did. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!


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I took my NCLex-pn on the 2nd and have not slept well since I took it...I am a stressball....I keep going to the different ways to verify if I passed or not (phone and website) and have no clue how I did so cannot even go off that,,,I only know I did somewhere between 125-160 questions, with max being 205. My poor husband and kids are the ones who really feel it..I truly believe the waiting is the worst part,.....North carolina does not participate in quick results either cause Iwould have definitely payed extra to know immediately.......Good luck and I hope we both find out we passed!!!:)


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Fortunately Nebraska has Quick Results and I found out on Saturday that I passed!!:) I pray you find the same results I did and soon.My thoughts and prayers!!!


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Having just completed that wait myself,I can certainly understand your anxiety.It is grueling!

Best wishes for peace and resovle for those during this time.


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