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  1. ARO82

    Moving to N.C once grad

    I 've been out of school (HS) for 11 years. How hard was the teas test for those that were w/o college credit and out of school for a long time? I plan on purchasing a book and studying off the web. Do you think that would be sufficient? I see many took college level science courses. So I am a little worried I won't be ready for the program. As well, once I grad I will be moving to NC. Is there a need for LPNs in that state and what is the typically salary? I would rather work in rehabilitation and was hoping for around 42k. Does this sound reasonable? Thank you! A
  2. ARO82


    Has anyone tried to use straighterline courses for pre reqs at a brick and mortar school? I contacted my adviser today and they would not accept even on an ace transcript. She said they will not accept any science courses that are completed online. I even mentioned a regionally accredited online college and she said no. Anyone else find a way around this? I know sometimes you can transcribe, so that it looks like it is from another brick and mortar college. Any suggs?
  3. ARO82

    Straighterline courses

    Could someone let me know if the tests are timed? Or is everything self paced?
  4. ARO82

    College Algebra or Equivalent?

    I know a year old post, but I just like to throw out for anyone who comes across this thread with the same issue to consider using aleks.com You can take your courses from their website for 19.00 a month and have it transfer to a transcript. Most colleges will accept it and your math requirement will be waived. No tests, no failing, just a simple way to knock out two pre-reqs.
  5. I am trying to decide if LPN is the right for me. I live on my own and financially can not afford to work part time for two full years for RN. My only option seems to be LPN. I live close to Philly, PA. I need to make at least 38-40k. What is the typical new grad salary? I currently make 30k a year. I was laid off and this is well under what is needed to make ends meet in my area. I've always wanted to get into health care and it seems with the lay off, I am finally being pushed in that direction. Could someone give me an accurate idea of the pay for my area? As well, should I request to shadow at a long term facility or hospital? From what has been posted, it seems most are only hiring in facilities now. Thank you for your help!
  6. I am taking an online Bio and lab for my biology requirement. I checked into Rio Salado College and may take Bio 156 with lab. My questions is how do you know which will be sufficient for a transfer? Could any of you suggest a bio/lab that you were able to transfer to another college for completion of your ASN? Rio is super cheap but I am unsure if it will transfer out. I will probably complete my nursing degree through Richard Bland Community College of VA. Thank you!
  7. ARO82

    VET Tech and RN License

    My dream job has always been to work with animals. Preferably in a zoo setting. I have looked into Seaworld/Busch Gardens and it seems there are a few positions for RN's. Has anyone worked dual jobs as a RN and Vet Tech. I will never be able to afford living on a Vet tech's salary. But am hoping that I could pick up extra work as an RN part time to compensate. I have seen there are quite a few vet techs switching over to RN on the board. Hopefully you can help answer my question. As well I know RN ADN is roughly 16k. Does anyone know what a vet tech program would run. Thank you all!!!!
  8. ARO82

    How bright to become CRNA?

    Your thoughts please? I plan to attend the SMRC online nursing program for a diploma in nursing and then additional courses until I can apply for the RN-BSN online route. I'm single and need to work full time so online is my only option. I was more of a "hard worker" then scholar student in HS. I have been very successful due to my work ethic. But with college it seems to be more about being book smart then how hard you push yourself. Is becoming a CRNA just a pipe dream for me? Have any average level students made it through CRNA school? I am not a straight A student. Studying hard will bring me a B. I am bright with most aspects of life just when it comes to books and studying I have always fallen short. I got adderall last week from my family Dr to use it for my rn courses and see if it helps. But honestly I rather not use any drugs at all. Any B students out there that have had success? I guess my issue is it takes me longer then average to retain information. But I'm fairly competent once I get it. Looking for honestly thank you
  9. I am going to take all prereqs for the SRMC program at my local community college and finish with the nursing and clinicals through SRMC online. Apparently Richard Bland college has a partnership with SRMC and will offer an associate degree at their college with the completion of the SRMC online program plus an addtional math history and philosophy class. I am worried that I will go through this college and have the same issues as nurses have found with excelser and not being able to work in certain states because of it being online. Am i worried over nothing? Slight confused over here. If I finish and get my license can it be taken away years down the road if PA stops allowing SRMC to graduate its nurses? Thank you for you help!
  10. ARO82

    SRMC Online-your thoughts?

    Morning everyone! I found out about SRMC's online program this morning while researching. If i were to obtain my license and have SRMC listed as my school would this hinder applying at certain hospitals? I heard the PA board is trying hard to discredit them? Anyone with any information would be of great help! Thanks so much!
  11. Eventually I would like to go for my RN diploma at St Joe's. In the meantime I was wondering if applying at Chop for an office position would help get my foot in the door instead of waiting until after I get my license? I still need all my prereqs and am not ready to start nursing school until Nov of next year. I have 6 years of sales, billing, and administration experience with a fairly well respected company. But I do not have a degree. How hard is it to get into Chop? I saw a few positions that I could apply for. But i heard there is a parking fee in philly? I know little if anything about Philly and the surrounding area. I live in Reading about an hour away. Trying to figure out if the wages for a office position would be worth the drive, tolls, and parking expense. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you much! I make 40k salary as well. I dont know if they would be able to match that but i guess worth a try?