VET Tech and RN License


My dream job has always been to work with animals. Preferably in a zoo setting. I have looked into Seaworld/Busch Gardens and it seems there are a few positions for RN's. Has anyone worked dual jobs as a RN and Vet Tech. I will never be able to afford living on a Vet tech's salary. But am hoping that I could pick up extra work as an RN part time to compensate. I have seen there are quite a few vet techs switching over to RN on the board. Hopefully you can help answer my question. As well I know RN ADN is roughly 16k. Does anyone know what a vet tech program would run. Thank you all!!!!

Specializes in ICU. Has 12 years experience.

Hello! I worked as a vet tech for 2 years so I hope I can help you with a little insight. As far as schooling goes, I think that will largely depend on the state you live in. Utah, for instance, does not require certification, so at the moment, there is only one program in the whole state which is run by a for-profit private college. A few years ago, the associates would run you 30K+, but may be higher now due to increased tuition. Too high, imo, for a career where locally most make under $25K a year. It's my understanding that zoo positions are very hard to come by and go to techs with a lot of experience behind them. I've even been told that certain biology/zoology majors are picked instead, but I can't say for sure.

I am making a complete transition over to nursing, but may consider picking up part time work as a "vech" later on down the road if I have the free time :)

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