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  1. RoyalNurse2010

    New nurse need help!!!!

    I graduated in Dec.2010 passed the NCLEX in March 2011. Did my application around the first week of April. My interview was on April 29th and I was offered the job on May 6.
  2. RoyalNurse2010

    Night shift sleep schedule

    Very helpful hints....starting 7p -7a shift in two weeks.
  3. RoyalNurse2010

    New nurse need help!!!!

    I got two job offers on the same day. Start orientation on the 23rd at the hospital I did my preceptorship at. Thanks so much for your advice.
  4. RoyalNurse2010

    Rude Nurses

    I went through the same thing as a nursing student.But there are some good nurses that's willing to help.
  5. RoyalNurse2010

    Did I doublecross her?

    Yaaaayyyy! We both ended up with the job on the same floor! Happy endings for both of us!
  6. RoyalNurse2010

    two offers on the table need some career advice please

    I know that the hospital is best for my career with me being a new nurse but it really bothers me thinking about this because one of my fellow classmates who is now a good friend of mine highly recommended me for the job in the ltc facility and I dont wont to let her down. What should I tell her if I dont accept the job in the LTC Facility. Its hard to make a decision... they both pay the same, are night shift and they both are about five minutes away from me. I really think the LTC position will be a less stressful than a job in med/surge but my carrer path is the most important.
  7. I want to know if anyone can help me with ways differiate oteoarthritis from reumathiod arthritis, they both have a lot of similarities but i need to know what differences really stand outs. I have a exam tomorrow help!
  8. RoyalNurse2010

    Nursing Textbooks: Keep or Toss?

    I will keep them. I am in my second semester of nursing school and my instructor sometime tell us to refer back to a book we used the first semester.
  9. RoyalNurse2010

    Adult Failure to thrive careplan

    How will i do a care plan on a patient who was admitted with end stage dementia and failure to thrive and in active stage of dying. This patient wasnt expected to live threw the nite. There was no communication he was just lying there unresponsive all his vital signs was evidence that he was not going to make it. My care plan has to be based on Maslow's theory, can u help me with this one.