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caramel79 has 11 years experience as a RN and specializes in Emergency Nursing.

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  1. caramel79

    Pay enquiry

    Hi all Just wanting to know what the average take home pay a month after tax for a year 9 RN after tax please in BC please? And do all nurses get paid monthly??
  2. Aussie/NZ RN here trying figure out which would be the easiest province in Canada to apply for my NNAS. I have heard that BC makes it really hard at times and some have said ON was easier. Is it easy to swap provinces once initial registration comes through?
  3. caramel79

    Remote nursing in Canada

    Just sent you a PM. Do I need all these certs before working rural or remote?
  4. Hi all I am an ER nurse in australia currently working in a remote part of australia. I am thinking of places that are great for families with young kids in terms of housing, education and affordability. I am not a city person but would not want to be in a completely remote place either. I would love to have access to the beaches and mountains and not be landlocked. I am in the process of getting my certification started with NNAS but trying to decide between BC or Alberta. My husband currently works as a truck driver in the mines and it would have to cater to him as well. I am open to any advice. I have googled the hell out of these 2 places but would love to hear first hand experiences from other international nurses who have moved to either of these places. 😎 Also, how much time are we given to do our NCLEX once we have been approved by NNAS? Thanks guys
  5. caramel79

    Working in Hawaii

    HI all Was wondering if there were any overseas qualified nurses espeically from Aus and NZ that have gained licensure to work in Hawaii. was wanting to know if it was easy to get work there?
  6. caramel79

    Rural /remote nursing

    Hi uounique Sorry just saw your message now. I am still in Australia in NT. Just wondering if you used an agency to get you to WA or did you do the whole process yourself? I am wanting to work in smaller hospital like those critical access hospitals. Where do you work and what do you specialise in?
  7. caramel79

    NZ trained RN

    Hi all just wondering if there were any NZ trained nurses who had to do extra theory hours in maternity/paeds for registration in Canada? I trained in CPIT and it seems we did quite a few theory hours in the above but unsure how much was needed. Thanks heaps
  8. caramel79

    NZ educated working in AUS

    Hi all was wondering if there were any NZ qualified nurses who had any issues with getting your NZ quals recognised for either USA or Canada? Anything i should be aware of? How long did the whole process take? Any info is appreciated
  9. caramel79

    Rural /remote nursing

    Thank you will have a look
  10. caramel79

    Rural /remote nursing

    Hi all i am currently working in a very remote community in Australia with mainly aboriginal health and was thinking of doing a stint in USA working with the indigenous people up those ways. I am wondering if someone could give me a names of some really good reservation communities i could work at and which states. Thank you
  11. caramel79

    Rural /remote nursing

    Hi all I am currently working in an Aboriginal community in Australia and was wondering if there were such communities or hospitals in Washington state that were predominantly ran by indigenous people as my passion is in indigenous health. Thank you
  12. caramel79

    Remote nursing in Canada

    Hi all i am a remote nurse working in an aboriginal community in Australia and would like more info in working as a RN in Canada. Could i know if there are any recommendations of remote communities that are suitable for nurses with families. Could i also know what are the other certifications are needed? I have my ALS, TNCC, immunisation and few other certs.
  13. caramel79

    views on epworth richmond??? please help

    Hi i currently work in both CCU and ED in Richmond as an agency nurse weekly and i can say the staff are very lovely. Sometimes workload and patient load varies from dept to dept but i am sure you will get loads of support regardless
  14. HI all was wondering if anyone has worked in Cabrini health's ED before? Was wondering what its like to work there. Also does anyone know the pay scales for registered nurses working in private hospitals in melbourne? Thanks
  15. caramel79

    postgraduate course interview

    Hi thanks for the reply No this course is being run by ED in RMH and all staff are required at some stage to pursue it. I was told they had two interviews one for ED employment and if you wanted to do the grad cert you would have to do another interview. Sounds bizarre to me but im guessing they will throwing clinical scenarios my way.
  16. caramel79

    postgraduate course interview

    Hi has anyone done the Grad Cert in Clinical Practice course via ACU? Seems like a good course but im not too sure about it...it would be great if anyone can give me any info apart from the one on ACU's website. Also i have already done an interview but now they want me to do another interview just for the grad cert...what do they normally ask in those grad cert interviews? Are they pretty similar to the main job interview?