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  1. abigrace

    Sequoia or Stanford?

    Anybody have any experience with Stanford or Sequoia Hospital? For nurses, is one significantly better or worse than the other? Working environment, pay, etc? Thanks!
  2. abigrace

    Methodist vs Mercy - Des Moines

    Anybody have any thoughts/experience on the 2 main hospitals in Des Moines...Methodist vs Mercy? Is one more respected or just have a generally better reputation than the other? Is pay about the same? I know this is very general without being specific to any certain department, but any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. abigrace

    Flight nurse jobs in Lincoln?

    Does anyone know if there are any flight programs in the Lincoln, NE area (preferably rotor-wing)? Is there a flight program associated with UNL? Thanks!
  4. abigrace

    Flight program in Lincoln, NE

    I'll post this in the regional group, too, but just wondering if anyone knows of any flight programs in the Lincoln, NE area (preferably rotor-wing). Thanks!
  5. abigrace

    Inova or Georgetown?

    I'm looking into ICU nursing at both Georgetown University Hospital and Inova Fairfax. Can anybody give me any information on experience they've had at either place? Pay? Cost of living? I'm moving from out of state. Thank you!
  6. abigrace

    Columbia: Boone or University

    My husband and I are considering a move to Columbia for him to attend grad school at Mizzou. It looks like Boone and University are the 2 main hospitals there. Is there a general consensus about one being better than the other to work for? I'll have 2 yrs experience as a critical care nurse...would that be sufficient for a critical care position at these hospitals? Any other words of wisdom about nursing jobs in Columbia? Any advice/info/insights would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I'm thinking of relocating to Austin, TX for my husband to attend grad school at UT. I'm an RN and will have 2 years critical care experience. What are the best (and/or worst) hospitals to work for in Austin? Is the job market in Austin pretty tough?
  8. abigrace

    Job market for new grads in NO?

    Does anybody know what the job market is like for new grads in NO? Would a new grad who did not do clinicals in the area (and therefore does not already have a foot in the door) stand any chance in getting a decent job? What are the best and worst hospitals to work in? Thanks for any input you have!
  9. abigrace

    Have you ever een a CNA FLOATER?

    I was a float as a CNA at a hospital, and I really liked it. It was great for me because I was going to start nursing school soon, so it was a wonderful way to get a lot of different experience. The only bad part about it for me was that it took longer for me to feel like I knew what I was doing b/c every floor did things a little differently. So, if I didn't go back to a certain floor for a while, I would forget how they did things. But I was able to make friends with nurses/aides on every floor and it was good to see different ways of doing things. Also, I don't know if this is how it would work for you, but I was able to set my own schedule since as a floater it wasn't like a certain rotation was counting on me to be there. I just got sent to whatever floor needed extra staff. And, as a float, people are always glad to see you because you are saving the day by providing the help they need. So, for me it was a great experience. I hope it works out well for you, too!
  10. abigrace

    Questions to ask at a job interview

    What are some good questions that I would need to ask when looking at hospitals to work at? Things like nurse/patient ratio, scheduling, benefits, etc. Is it okay to ask about salary? What are other questions that would give me a good idea of the type of atmosphere I'd be working in? Are there certain questions interviewers like to hear? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
  11. abigrace

    You know you're a student nurse when...

    -you're watching a medical show like Grey's and explain to everyone around you why something like that could never happen, or when you get excited b/c they're talking about something you just learned. -you're talking to your significant other over dinner about something completely disgusting (to them) and don't even realize it's not polite dinner conversation. -you think you might have every new disease you learn about...until you get to the next one. -and, like others have already said, your family and friends expect you to know more than their doctor, asking you to verify if what their doctor told them sounds right!
  12. abigrace

    A NON- Ivy tech question-- Bloomington nurses???

    Bumping this, because I have the same question. Any more opinions out there on where to work as an RN living in Bloomington?
  13. I know it stinks to start on pre-reqs without knowing whether you'll get in to a program or not, but, that may be the best way to improve your chances. Accelerated programs with pre-reqs tend to look at the grades from those courses more heavily than the grades from your previous degree (not to say that doesn't matter at all, though). If it's possible to plug away at some of those classes while still working at your current job, you might want to go ahead and get started. As far as the job market, who knows what the economy will do by the time you're ready to start job hunting? Good luck in whatever you decide!
  14. abigrace

    Austin hospitals

    What are the good hospitals in Austin to work at? Are any hiring new grads?
  15. abigrace

    Chest piece- single or double sided?

    I was just about to post this exact same question! Any other opinions out there on these two? There is only about a 20-30 dollar price difference, but no need to pay extra if Master is not noticeably better.

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