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What are the good hospitals in Austin to work at? Are any hiring new grads?


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I've heard that it's rather difficult to get a job as a nurse in Austin.


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I've heard that it's rather difficult to get a job as a nurse in Austin.

What makes you say that? There seems to be a lot of jobs available through the Seton and St. David's systems as well as some major clinics.


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I meant as a new grad. I've read previous threads of people saying it was more difficult to get a job as a new graduate in Austin and that San Antonio has more opportunities.


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St David's / Seton = Hiring Freeze

Heart Hospital of Austin = Rumored that they do not hire GN's; however I know a girl that got hired there In september last year as a GN. Not sure on that one.

Ummm... not really any more hospitals than that!


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From everything I've heard, it's very difficult to get a job in Austin. Everyone tells me "you have to know someone to get in."

I've lived in Austin for about 25 years, and from my experience it's a tougher job market for just about every profession. Heck, we have people with master's degrees waiting tables and driving buses, and they're thankful. I hear other cities in Texas have easier job markets. Either that or use your savings for gas money and commute.


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I grew up in Austin so I can tell you It's not a typical college town where the students pick up in leave as soon as schools out, they fall in love with the city , graduate and stay. So, it's very competitive there. Like someone else said people with masters degrees are waiting tables and like it.

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