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8jimi8ICURN specializes in Flight RN, Trauma1 CVICU STICU MICU CCU.

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  1. 8jimi8ICURN

    Flight Nurse Advice

    Do you know of any other RN to EMT-P bridges?
  2. 8jimi8ICURN

    Flight Nurse Advice

    Not everyone requires 5 years. Air Evac (in Texas - san antonio area) requires 3 years and passing their test. I volunteered as an EMT-B then an EMT-I85 in texas with a third service 911 and a volunteer firefighting company. My prehospital experience was MINIMALLY relevant. I was asked one question about it in my interview, to which my answer was, i have earned my NREMT-I85. Get, Your TNCC and an EMT-B and you will be solid for what you "need to know" about scene work and concentrate on ther critical care aspects. Try to get in on a CVICU or a CCU that runs a lot of balloon pumps/impella/ or ECMO. Those skills will translate greatly to what a potential flight company (that does interfacility CCT). But DO get a least a year or two in the SICU. That will also help greatly.
  3. 8jimi8ICURN

    Arizona ICU nurses! Are you happy?

    UAMC in Tucson CVICU has had 3 managers in 4 years if that tells you anything.
  4. 8jimi8ICURN

    Question for nurses working in various ICU settings

    Did you get the job?
  5. 8jimi8ICURN

    Is there a "safe harbor" law in Arizona?

    In Texas, my home state, there is a "safe harbor law" which allows a nurse to accept an UNSAFE assignment, but still have their license protected if there is a negative patient outcome. Is there anything like this in Arizona? http://www.bne.state.tx.us/practice/safe.html
  6. 8jimi8ICURN

    how to get a job as flight nurse

    You might do well to get some 911 EMS experience if you can.
  7. 8jimi8ICURN

    Amiodarone help!

    Are you really stable if you are unresponsive? Bp or not, the patient is post code. Doesn't sound stable to me.
  8. 8jimi8ICURN

    CVSU or CCU?

    If you can hold your own on a CVICU, any Icu will take you . And you'll be guaranteed to float to your other units... Whereas.. You don't get to float to Cv /s cv experience.
  9. 8jimi8ICURN

    Narcotics administration

    i dont care how much they want. i give it . if they want it more often give them a pca. if the doc prescribed it they can have it. push it fast, sure. if they are trying to get high i document their request and notify the md.
  10. 8jimi8ICURN

    Sedation in ICU... your opinions/ experiences?

    Typically 1mcg/kg fentanyl /c a little versedOr propofol bonus on top of that.Plus or minus. Unless they are a ventilator PRO, one of the rare patients who doesn't mind and well tolerates alertness while intubated.
  11. 8jimi8ICURN

    Propofol & Cocaine = violent patient??

    Every intensive care unit I have seen requires restraints for intubated patients. And +1 for dexmedetomidine induced bradycardia and hypotension.
  12. 8jimi8ICURN

    Teacher said NOWAY....new grad hiring into ICU positions

    Most residencies for RNs are @6 months tops for ICU. 2 year committment maybe but not on your own as an RN for 2 years is ridiculous
  13. 8jimi8ICURN

    What to do about disruptive behavior?

    No one is judging. You DID ask for opinions. Part of Icu nursing is knowing when and how to ask for help. You didn't and a patients care suffered for it. Bottom line. Heartfelt analogies do not excuse your lack of care.I would have told another nurse or the house supervisor that I was unable to safely care for my second patient since it seems your charge nurse is against you. I've done it before. No one likes to admit they are overwhelmed but if you don't. People can die.
  14. 8jimi8ICURN

    What to do about disruptive behavior?

    And in accepting and depending on help, one must make specific requests such as hey, will you please turn so and so for me. Then follow up.
  15. 8jimi8ICURN

    What to do about disruptive behavior?

    12 hours without turning is horrendous. I hope you learned that lesson. Write an incident report and request an arbitration with the disruptive nurse. She was out of line. You also need to write an incident report on yourself for providing substandard care. If this patient developed a dti. Likely that's on you.
  16. 8jimi8ICURN

    Brainstorming needed!

    Also do the pacep.org coned mods. And mention them in your interview. I'm about 3 mi from the hospital.