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aka640 has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Cardiology.

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  1. aka640

    Amazing and Affordable MSN/DNP programs

    Thank you for this! Yea, after doing more research, I feel like I want to go to UCONN too. Hopefully within the next 3 years I'll be starting 😄
  2. aka640

    FNP or AGACNP?

    oook, thanks though for all your replies 😄
  3. aka640

    FNP or AGACNP?

    How intense would you say is an AGACNP program? I'm expecting it to be rough, but how many hours did you have to go to class as well as study?
  4. Can anyone please give me some recommendations for good and affordable MSN/DNP programs. I would love to go to an in class program, but unfortunately I'm in Connecticut and want to do AGACNP. The only programs that have that are UCONN and Yale, they cost from 900-1000 per credit. It's crazy T_T Is it worth it for those programs or is my best bet to find something online? I really want to go to a great program.
  5. How many days or hours per week do people in MSN or DNP programs usually study? I plan on hopefully applying for NP school within the next 3 years. I'm just curious. Compared to nursing school, how intense is the program?
  6. aka640

    FNP or AGACNP?

    Thanks again!! Your reply helped so much. I was worried these type of NP jobs aren't commmon because anytime I here about AGACNPs, it's always ICU. Mind you, I want to work in the CCU as a nurse but for the long term, when I finally (hopefully) become an NP, I rather not 😄 I really like the level of care I currently work in now. I just want to do CCU for some experience.
  7. aka640

    FNP or AGACNP?

    WOW! That completely sounds like the type of job I want as an NP. Like literally my dream 😍😍 Is there a reason you don’t want to do full time if I may ask?? Thanks for your reply! ☺️
  8. aka640

    FNP or AGACNP?

    Thank you!! That makes sense. The NP I shadowed for is an AGACNP who works exclusively in cardiology (inpatient), but took care of patients across multiple units, except ICU. She was with heart transplant, my interventional cardiology floor, and cath lab. Even though I want to work as a RN in the CCU, I rather not do it with being an NP. Appreciate it!! I just was worried if I do get my AGACNP, ICU jobs are the most available and the job the NP I shadowed was just a stroke of luck XD
  9. aka640

    FNP or AGACNP?

    Thank you so much for the reply!! Are these type of NP jobs widely available, if u know? NPs who work with acutely ill but not necessarily ICU patients.
  10. aka640

    FNP or AGACNP?

    Hello everyone, People who work as cardiology NPs, would you recommend to a nurse who wants to specialize in cardiology as an NP, but not work in ICU, to go for their FNP or AGACNP? I currently work as a nurse on an interventional cardiology floor, patients who are post-MI, heart transplant/LVAD/TAVR workups, arrhythmia, pulmonary hypertension, and congestive heart failure as well as scheduled for vascular surgeries, cardiac catherization lab, cardioversions/ablations, and coronary artery bypass grafts. I really like this level of acute care that's not ICU but still with patients who are acutely ill. I shadowed a nurse practitioner and she has her AGACNP but works with these types of patients and never does ICU, but still inpatient. Are these types of jobs widely available? Thank you 😄
  11. Hello lovely people, Anyone here been accepted or is in the UCONN or Yale AGANCP programs? I'm thinking about applying within the next 2-3 years and want to receive any tips on how to make my application stand out. I currently am about to graduate with my BSN from Ohio University this October, hopefully with a GPA of 3.8. (do online RN-BSN programs can looked down upon?) My diploma nursing GPA is 3.2 and unfortunately, I do have a Bachelors in Allied Health Sciences from UCONN from 2012 with a 2.5 😥 I'm afraid that will put a damper on my application, but I'm hoping to boost it while I have the time. Any tips also on how you can get involved in the nursing community besides unit or hospital based committees. I want to do those but also look at other options as well. And are these programs online or in person? Thanks guys!
  12. Hello Rocknurse,

    I hope you are well. I wanted to send a message to ask about the UCONN AGACNP program because I read a few of your posts and I'm highly interested. I really want to specialize in cardiology. I have only been a RN for the past 2 years on an interventional cardiology floor, hoping to get maybe another two years of CCU experience and then apply. The one thing I'm worried about is my GPA. I have a 3.8 from my RN-BSN, a 3.2 from my nursing diploma, but I actually do have a previous Bachelors degree in Allied Health Sciences from UCONN from 2012 that is 2.5...hmm I'm hoping if UCONN would consider that I matured and learned from my mistakes. I just want to ask what the curriculum, online or in person, was like and any advice on how to make my application stand out. Also I don't really want to work in the ICU/CCU as a NP, more like cath lab or patients with CHF, would it make sense to still go for my AGACNP or just FNP. Thank you 😄

  13. aka640

    Which route to go?

    If I may ask, what jobs are offered for cardiac nursing outside of bedside? Would love to know, thx!!
  14. aka640

    Nurses who don't treat CNAs fair :(

    So you guys are telling me that a nurse who is just sitting at the nurses station doing nothing should call other cnas to answer a call bell that is right in front them when the cnas are mid bath or mid feeding a patient? Even if they just need a bed pan or some water etc.
  15. Disclaimer: I know all nurses are not like that!! I started working at an LTC facility a month ago and it's a very rough job. Just even being here for a month, the turnover rate is ridiculous and so many CNAs are quitting. One thing I noticed though is the nurses don't help out with anything. I'm currently in nursing school and I'm in complete shock at how it's the first time I've seen some nurses not even bother to answer a call bell, delegate tasks to CNAs while they were just in the room, sitting at the desk just chatting and not bothering to help a patient who is right in front of you asking for help. I might just be a bit naive but is this usually how it goes in LTC facilities? I just couldn't do that as a nurse. Plus along with the fact each CNA has 10-11 patients to themselves who they have to get up, groom, bathe, dress, feed, etc. in a matter of 4.5 hours. I'm just in shock and disgust...especially since they are elderly. I'm actually looking for another job right now because the environment at this LTC s just toxic. I don't even call them nurses. All I see them do is pass medication, chart, and have their daily social chit chat. I can't even ask a nurse to help me transfer a patient to a chair....=/ We have had CNAs who would call out their shift and instead of the nurses even just taking one patient each, all of us get an extra 3 patients added to our workload. Am I in the wrong for thinking this is not right? I seriously feel I can't even properly give adequate care to the patients because if I don't get everyone done in time, I get yelled at and have to stay over my shift. I just...can't believe how multiple call bells would be going off...and none of the nurses would move.....Like you can't put someone on a bedpan or just change their pants? You make them wait....Oh but when state is around....... Also do you think it would look bad if I do find a job after two months of working there and just give my two week notice for leave?
  16. Thank you so much for this post!! I'm really inspired by it and looking even more forward to starting nursing school Moving in two days and orientation starts Tuesday