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UCONN or Yale AGANCP programs


Specializes in Cardiology. Has 3 years experience.

Hello lovely people,

Anyone here been accepted or is in the UCONN or Yale AGANCP programs? I'm thinking about applying within the next 2-3 years and want to receive any tips on how to make my application stand out. I currently am about to graduate with my BSN from Ohio University this October, hopefully with a GPA of 3.8. (do online RN-BSN programs can looked down upon?) My diploma nursing GPA is 3.2 and unfortunately, I do have a Bachelors in Allied Health Sciences from UCONN from 2012 with a 2.5 😥 I'm afraid that will put a damper on my application, but I'm hoping to boost it while I have the time. Any tips also on how you can get involved in the nursing community besides unit or hospital based committees. I want to do those but also look at other options as well. And are these programs online or in person? Thanks guys!