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mmcmarsh has 10 years experience and specializes in Coronary Critical Care.

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  1. mmcmarsh

    USA ACNP orientation...

    I see now... it says you must attend when your AHN specialty classes begin. Guess then it just depends on whether you are full time or part time.
  2. mmcmarsh

    USA ACNP orientation...

    I'm pretty sure the admission packet stated that orientation was required this year. I'll check again to be sure.
  3. mmcmarsh

    USA ACNP orientation...

    Any one made arrangements yet? Are you flying or driving? Where are you staying? Trying to look ahead and get things figured out. Also, for those in the program, my USA email address so we can keep in contact for school. mcm1104@jaguar1.usouthal.edu
  4. mmcmarsh

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    Finally got my letter today. I've been accepted to the Adult Acute Care program!!!!
  5. mmcmarsh

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    Still haven't heard anything...
  6. mmcmarsh

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    The adult/gero acute program is what I applied to. I think the previous poster had been accepted to the adult/gero primary program.
  7. mmcmarsh

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    Congrats! Hopefully I will hear something soon. I haven't come across anyone yet who has applied to the acute track. My application status still says pending in dept review.
  8. mmcmarsh

    Anyone heard from University of South Alabama?

    Was that on the PAWS site? I've applied to the acute care program.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has received their letters? I know we are supposed to hear by June 1.
  10. mmcmarsh

    USI Graduate Nursing Program 2011

    I called and was given the same...rude...be glad you got in comment. However, I called again and spoke with the lady that is listed on the second page of the acceptance letter. Luckily she was more kind. She said that they were overwhelmed with applicants and they placed nearly everyone on part time study plans. She also stated that they won't be accepting any applicants for the Spring program (which they usually do). She congratulated me and said that she hoped I was still interested in attending there. I just think it kinda stinks that they didn't inform us about this before hand. Kind of dirty... I certainly was not expecting that it would take me 3-4 years instead of 2.
  11. I just received my acceptance letter today. I applied for the Acute Care track. A quick question for those of you who have applied or who have been in the program. My letter included a 3 year study plan (part time). I didn't ask for part time when I applied. I was actually looking forward to getting done in 2 years. Do they automatically place you based on how many students they have? I'm going to call tomorrow...but just wanted to see if anyone had some insight. Thanks!
  12. mmcmarsh

    FNP vs ACNP...brain vs heart.

    I'm currently enrolling in an ACNP program and am thrilled with my decision. I've been a critical care nurse for some time and love it. I truly can't imagine myself specializing in anything else. That is where my heart is. However, I can't help coming back to the fact that I very well may be more marketable as a FNP. As we all know, there is an extreme shortage in primary care practitioners and I feel like there may be more opportunities there. I ideally see myself working in an acute care setting (possibly in a hospitalist role) or with a cardiac/pulmonary specialist who will give me some autonomy. I fear though that this is just a dream. To be honest, most ACNP that work in my facility or for specialists in my facility spend most of their day dictating H&Ps and writing progress notes. This doesn't seem appealing to me at all. I want to be involved in my patients care in a more direct way. ACNPs out there...are you satisfied with your role? Am I going to have the kind of autonomy and direct input on care that I want to have? Or will I be better off going with a FNP program...where I know I'll be needed and can even practice on my own depending on what state I live in? Any input is appreciated.
  13. I am meeting with someone from our corporation this week to discuss the possibility of joining our hospitalist group after graduation. We recently had our first ACNP hired for the group about 6 months ago...and she is already gone. The man I am meeting with described their first experiences with an ACNP in the hospitalist group as "challenging". For those of you who function in this role...what have been the challenges for you? Can you describe a day for you at work? How is your patient load? Is it the same as the physicians? What is your call like and do you work alone or is there always a physician from the group present in the hospital? Any insight would be appreciated as I'm trying my best to be prepared and cover all of my bases.
  14. Can anyone help? Some on this forum have told me that Vandy will pay for up to 12 credit hours per semester (if attending Vanderbilt)...but VMC's benefits page says up to 70% of ONE three credit hour class a semester. Any current VMC employees have any information?
  15. Hello all. I am currently an RN in a Cardiac Critical Care unit. I am very interested in Vanderbilts ACNP with an Intensivist focus...but not interested in the $1100 a credit hour!! I just don't know if I want to...or if it is even worth it to incur that kind of debt. I love the program though. I'm work about an hour north of Nashville but am looking into what kind of tuition reimbursement VMC offers as I would be willing to work there if they would pay for my degree. If however that doesn't work out...how did you all pay for this? Did you just suck it up and take out loans? Have any of you found groups that would pay for your schooling in exchange for some kind of commitment after school was done? Have any of you been hired where your employer agreed to pay off some of your school debt? I'm worried about the financial aspect of this decision. Am I going to make enough as a ACNP to make this debt worth it?
  16. mmcmarsh

    Specific CCRN study schedule

    I've read the complete thread on taking the CCRN...but I really didn't see anything about specific study schedules. I've been quasi studying for the last few months...just reading here and there not really TRYING to retain. I was thinking about scheduling at the beginning of July which would give me three months. How would you recommend studying? Did you divide the topics in any certain way? Devote a certain mount of time a day to study? Recommendations would be appreciated.