Confused about Vandy's tuition reimbursement.

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Can anyone help? Some on this forum have told me that will pay for up to 12 credit hours per semester (if attending Vanderbilt)...but VMC's benefits page says up to 70% of ONE three credit hour class a semester.

Any current VMC employees have any information?

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I'd be interested in finding out about this as well, as I've read conflicting info. I do know a friend of a friend that works at and she told me that if you're a Vandy nurse and you're attending a nursing program at Vandy, they do pay for 12 hours per semester. So maybe it's just a special deal for nursing?

Did you ever find out more about this? I will be moving to Nashville some time in the next 6 months. I'd move sooner if I knew they were going to help pay for my tuition!

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Vandy pays for 12 hours per year (not semester) if you are taking a NURSING degree. The 70% off is for non nursing classes.

I found out directly from my future manager at that they pay up to 12 credit hours per year after working there for 15 months (3 months probationary period+ 1 year). However, you have to remain a full-time employee while going to school, which may prove to be difficult. But its a pretty good deal!

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