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Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery Recovery
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jrkingRN has 5 years experience and specializes in Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgery Recovery.

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  1. jrkingRN

    Need some advice...

    If you're happy in your trauma ER and your local CRNA program will accept that as the critical care requirement, I suggest staying put. If you want to become more familiar with vasoactive gtts and vents try finding a PRN position in a critical care unit. That way you can have the best of both worlds.
  2. jrkingRN

    CRNA to anesthesiologist

    You MUST have at least one year in a critical care unit. CRNA school is competative, so the more experience the better. Also, once you start working in said unit, you will realize how valuable that year is. No matter how great your school is, you don't learn how to be a nurse until you ARE one. And CRNAs are nurses that know their ****. They are the "right hand man" in the OR. Different states and facilities have different rules regarding the anesthesiologist part of your question. You don't necessarily have to work FOR an anesthesiologist, but you certainly have to work WITH one. In my hospital there are 5 OR suites, 5 head CRNAs, and 3 anesthesiologists. The docs hop from suite to suite, but they trust the CRNAs to do their own thing.
  3. jrkingRN

    Confused about Vandy's tuition reimbursement.

    Vandy pays for 12 hours per year (not semester) if you are taking a NURSING degree. The 70% off is for non nursing classes.
  4. jrkingRN

    Trauma Floor Nursing

    I haven't seen one, but go under the "Specialty" section and add one! Someone has to be the first!
  5. jrkingRN

    Get fired or resign from new grad program

    Resign. And make sure the LVN got written up too, and the pharmacy. 0.75mg is a LONG way from 75mg and someone else should have noticed the error before the med was dispensed. The LVN should have asked why she was handing someone 100 pills instead of 1. Also check the policies in your facility regarding order checks. As far as any "other" issues, maybe bedside nursing is not for you. There are many other things you can do as a nurse. Getting terminated for a med error is bad. Resigning because you didnt agree with your facilities medicine delivery policy is better.
  6. jrkingRN

    Honeymoon Period Over?

    I know the feeling. But working in an ICU setting will further your career. Maybe you could look into some per diem work? I had a doc tell me yesterday that if he had to think as much as a nurse all day long he would need a pay raise!
  7. jrkingRN

    Turning Patients

    If everyone was healthy and perfect we'd all be out of jobs...
  8. I would love to see the look on her face when she realizes that CRNA's deal with a LOT grosser excrement than poop. And a previous poster was correct, you HAVE to have at least 1 year in an ICU setting. You can't go straight through to CRNA. And by the way, the CRNA's that make the big bucks make them because they EARN them. 10 hour surgeries and being on call at 2 am is NOT fun.
  9. jrkingRN

    Pre-reqs for a CRNA?

    I think you have to have a years experience in an Intensive Care setting.
  10. jrkingRN

    Bowel incontinence?

    I don't think your R/T is right... can you give me a little more info about what's going on?
  11. jrkingRN

    Care plan on chest pain?

    Ok so let's assume you're going to do your careplan on Angina (chest pain) 1.acute pain 2.ineffective tissue perfusion 3.activity intolerance ??? Any good?
  12. jrkingRN

    In a very bad spot

    Definitely get a lawyer. Definitely definitely. The lawyer will halp you get to the medical records of the patient. Hopefully good nurses notes were taken. What if this patient has made this claim about other nurses? A lawyer could help you find out. What if the patient said the SAME thing about the nurse that worked before you, but your mean supervisor only included you? That could be a serious civil suit. So far all you know is what you THINK you know. You need the means to get to the facts. It may be costly, but peice of mind is priceless.
  13. jrkingRN

    Frustrated Charge Nurse

    I've been (and still am) in that EXACT same predicament. I spoke to my manager about it. Unfortuately, there wasnt much she could do scheduling wise because EVERYONE on nights is a new grad (except me) One night when we all finally had 5 minutes to talk at the desk, I explained how I was feeling. I told them that like them I was very frustrated and I didnt mean to take it out on them. We (as a group) decided that we would split the additional charge nurse duties (all the extra paperwork) and we would work as a team when we got new admissions. It takes 4 nurses 10 minutes each vs. 1 nurse 2hours because she has to find me and ask a million questions. Now I feel like they are a much more cohesive group that utilizes teamwork. They arent scared to ask a question out loud for a group discussion, and we all pick up when someone is in the "weeds". My group of new grads are sweetie pies and I love going to work every night now :)
  14. Anytime...Now that I'm a nurse, care plans seem so obvious. And I LOVE to help with them :)
  15. Well you hit the jackpot! If I had a patient with a history of Afib that fell I would DEFINITELY be thinking about afib's tendency to cause blood clots. And then maybe that blood clot traveled to his brain and made him dizzy, (impaired gas exchange!)which made him fall... If you have one of those instructors that only lets you do a care plan based on their admitting diagnosis (which is stupid) this is what i would do- 1. Acute Pain 2. Risk for Ineffective Tissue Perfusion (definitely mention AFIB, and fat embolism here) 3. Impaired physical mobility Is the patient on Coumadin for his afib? If he is then you could always throw in Risk for further injury because if he falls again (because of the impaired mobility) he could bleed to death from the coumadin use.
  16. jrkingRN

    i need help quick

    In this job market I doubt you will get to choose