Financing your ACNP degree...specifically Vandy.

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Hello all. I am currently an RN in a Cardiac Critical Care unit. I am very interested in Vanderbilts ACNP with an Intensivist focus...but not interested in the $1100 a credit hour!! I just don't know if I want to...or if it is even worth it to incur that kind of debt. I love the program though. I'm work about an hour north of Nashville but am looking into what kind of tuition reimbursement VMC offers as I would be willing to work there if they would pay for my degree.

If however that doesn't work did you all pay for this? Did you just suck it up and take out loans? Have any of you found groups that would pay for your schooling in exchange for some kind of commitment after school was done? Have any of you been hired where your employer agreed to pay off some of your school debt?

I'm worried about the financial aspect of this decision. Am I going to make enough as a ACNP to make this debt worth it?

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If at all possible I would try to get a job at . They will pay for your degree, but you have to work there for a year before that benefit takes affect.

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