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  1. My neighbor just moved here and is an RN. She stated that she was able to move due to travel nursing. She had a contract here, got a huge bonus when she extended her contract and then took a job with the hospital. Is that possible? I was under the impression that you could not take a position at the hospital the agency placed you at?
  2. I am starting the RN to MSN Leadership tract January 3rd. Beginning with statistics. I am in denial right now. I work M-F in Cardiology and am a single mom with 2 boys, 7 and 4 y/o. I am doing it because I want to and because I feel I have to in order to support my kids. I know I can do it, I just also know it is going to be real tough. The first suggestion I have gotten is to get the APA software called PERRLA, it sounds like it does the APA work for you. My advisor recommended it. Well here is to a great first semster for all of us Jen
  3. Thanks so much. That really helped. :)
  4. I work in a cardiology office and we have been tasked to reorganizing the way we run the office. We have anywhere from 2-3 nurses and sometimes a tech. We have anywhere between 1 provider and 3. We have 9 rooms. Our Dr's are not happy with the front desk, us or the process. Okay let me restate this: none of us are happy and nothing is working. I am looking for feedback regarding how any of you handle a day. We have considered one nurse for each DR and actually attempting to sit with them. Having just an intake nurse and discharge nurse for each day. Or doing what we have been doing which is whatever it takes. We mostly try to keep to one Dr however it doesn't always work. Our issues are related to not having past medical records for appts. Appoinments regardless of pt follow through meaning pt should have had labs or echo and did not. Dr's not communicating return appts clearly. Process held up because pt did not bring meds nor do they know their med (urban, safety net hospital). Triage and med requests. Any feed back would be so appreciated.
  5. 4jen

    Confessions of a non-graceful nurse, help!

    Seriously in the scheme of things I would much rather you splash poop on you or me and be able to read my EKG. I would say you are doing great. BTW. I have dropped a bag of NS on a pt head. Spiked the nutrition for tube feeding and dumped it all over the pt and myself. Splashed pee in my eye (eewwww). Stuck a foley NOT in the meatus during a code. lol graceful I am not.
  6. 4jen

    So... How real is the show ER?

    I actually had a doc straight cath my patient. I tried a billion times, another nurse tried a billion and in walks one of my favorite dr's and she sure did get it on the first try. Had to give her props as none of us thought she could do it. :)
  7. 4jen

    So... How real is the show ER?

    I have stopped myself so many times from yelling oh my gawd this is nothing like ER just to see everyone's head spin off. HAHA. :)
  8. 4jen

    Critical Care - ICU - Kansas City - Good Hospitals

    I am still there and still loving it. Good Luck - you will do great. :)
  9. 4jen

    your very first patient death.....

    Mine was my first patient on my first day off orientation. Pt was only in her 50's but a train wreck, ESRD, 3 valve endocarditis, DM on and on. Not compliant ever except when hospitialized. Full code, everything that could go wrong did including the wheel breaking off on the crash cart. They are heavy and very hard to move when a wheel is missing. lol However, it was okay. It was hard multitasking that day though as it seemed like there was a ton to do after. I was sad for her family but TOD was 8:20 and I had not had her before so I hadnt established a relationship yet. I left that experience wanting ACLS ASAP. I go in September. :) I had 2 other pt go critical and look like they were going to code. I had very strong feelings before it happened so I did not want to leave them. Those were hard as I really wondered if I could have done something more - but I could not have. Honestly without that instinct of wanting to guard them and assess over and over cause I just knew it, it could have been worse.
  10. I have family just north of San Francisco. I would love to be able to move my kids out there as my family is super supportive and big and we are alone here in the midwest. I have vactioned there often and totally know how expensive it is. I am however still wondering how tough would it be to get a job with an RN (working on BSN)? I would be willing to commute as far north as Santa Rosa and south to San Rafael. I have seen on some websites that 8 hour shifts are available?? Also do Sutter nurses strike alot? Just something I heard. Any insight would be fabulous. Thanks, Jen
  11. 4jen

    Have I done Enough

    Holly noot as my 2 year old would say I am an RN! Woohoo. Thanks for all the support. :)
  12. 4jen

    Have I done Enough

    You all are awesome. Thanks!
  13. 4jen

    Have I done Enough

    Good luck to you sending out passing vibes. :)
  14. 4jen

    Have I done Enough

    OMG, I seriously can barely breathe. :) So I take NCLEX RN Wednesday and I have used ATI virtual online tutor. I did everything she said and have done well on most of it and crappy on some. However my tutor says I am ready based on my 2 predictors and all of the practice tests. But now, I am thinking I haven't done enough questions. I think I did around 2000 mostly ATI some saunders. The tutor says I should relax tomorrow but I am wondering if I should just do Saunders all day. AHHHH - any suggestions or insight would be great. Thanks everyone. I am now going to try to breathe.
  15. 4jen

    Any Kansas City NICU Nurses Here

    Thanks so much for the insight. I just loved your enthusiasm and really it is people like you that make that hospital so special to families, students and other employess. I am going to apply if they have any ICN NG openings. I noticed some NG positions posted on the website yesterday so hopefully ICN posts will be soon. :) I will also apply to some other units there, however I am really hoping on the ICN. I just love CMH - my clinicals were awesome there and I so looked forward to each day I was there. Totally opposite of how I feel in the other clinicals. My youngest baby also spent lots of time there so I feel like I have seen both sides of what CMH is about and really would just be honored to work there. I am so excited. I do have back up plans if I can't get on there and I am realistic so no worries. Thanks Again! Jen
  16. 4jen

    Truman Medical Center

    Have any of you done the residency program for CC or ER at Truman in Kansas City. It sounds amazing. They also have great benefits. I walked into school tonight (last semester) excited because Mercy has NG openings however I learned about the NG residency program at Truman and I really think I am going to apply. It seems like you would get an awesome foundation. I am sure the competition is fierce. If anyone has any insight on Truman at all I would love to hear your experiences. Let me preface that with saying I live in the area and have no problem working in the inner city at all, so save the warnings. :) Thanks, Jen