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  1. rougewitch

    Taking Chem In The Summer, A Bad Idea?

    None of those classes you listed is required for a Cal State, where I want to apply to (All are needed for UCLA/UCI but that's not my plan, taking those classes would mean I'd have to be at my college for 3-4 years) The Chemistry class that I do...
  2. rougewitch

    Help choosing best reference for application

    I don't see why you should use someone you wouldn't know as your reference, even if they work at a hospital and would potentially be advantageous to your application. They wouldn't able to describe you well because they don't really know you which yo...
  3. rougewitch

    Taking Chem In The Summer, A Bad Idea?

    @CloCloAA Yeah, I prefer in person too. Crossing my fingers a professor offers it fully in person in the Summer. How many hours did you spent studying for Chemistry per week? I know I will have to start reading and studying Chemistry as soon as ...
  4. Hello! I was supposed to take Chemistry in the Spring, but due to scheduling issues (none of the sections had a time I needed) I had to push it back and take it in a later semester. I'm looking into taking Chemistry in Summer 2023, but I know I'...
  5. rougewitch

    What To Take... A&P Together or Separately?

    @bsd058 Thank you for responding! I apologize that it sounded like I was taking two separate courses together in one semester. I won't take a separated Anatomy and Physiology in one semester, not only is that a lot of work but it's not allowed at my ...
  6. Hello! I'm a new student currently doing my gen eds at a community college. I should start Chemistry in the Spring. I'm also from California. I would personally like to transfer to a Cal State and get my BSN, but knowing this state when it comes to a...