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Arizona State University's Health Prerequisites

I am a student at a CC from California and considering ASU as one of the schools I will apply to when applications open. Traditional BSN specifically, I'm not interested in doing an ABSN. I looked at ASU's prerequisites and they have these health prerequisites that seem to be unique to them or Arizona at least, and there are no rough equivalent courses at my college. They also require a pathophysiology class which I cannot take at my CC as it is only for nursing students admitted to the program.

I would like to hear from anyone that managed to get into ASU and was from California. How did you bypass the health prereqs they need plus pathophysiology? Or should I just not bother with ASU? It would be unfortunate since every class I have and will take transfers to ASU using their transfer credit equivalency guide yet there's nothing I can do for the other things they ask for.

Thanks to anybody that can help 🙂

I'm a bit further behind than you, but from a friend at school I've heard about Rio Salado, which has an online class for pathophysiology.

Also saw it on an allnurses thread from a few years ago:

Not sure if this is helpful for you, but figured I'd send just in case.

Mergirlc, RN

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Santa Barbara Community College offers:  HIT 204 Basic Pathophysiology (3 Units) online.

You would have to go through the regular process of applying for admission and providing transcripts to them, but this may be an option. Just double check with the university are trying to transfer to to make sure it's acceptable. 

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