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  1. Harford CC Fall 2021

    Hi, How is BCCC?
  2. Harford CC Spring 2023 ( LPN -RN)

    Hi, Anyone applied to the LPN to RN Spring program at HCC? Can anyone clarify what's needed to test out of 2nd semester Medsurg & Mental health ? Also what I being used to study? I am still waiting on the decision.
  3. FL Endorsement

    I private message you
  4. Is this shady?

    What end up happening ? Did you apply for your initial license in Florida ? Then attempt to endorse to New York?
  5. Is this shady?

    What is the name of the school ? Did you complete the process or did you go elsewhere ? Where you stuck with just a single Florida license or multi-state license ?
  6. Maryland Nursing licensed Endorsement

    It’s not on the list I already checked . Evolution
  7. FL Endorsement

    Wow ! I’m in Md too would you mind speaking privately ? I’m in the same situation but mine is different. I’m not able to Private message you . I went to a school in Florida I’m in MD just moved back and I have a balance to pay before I can obtain my...
  8. FL Endorsement

    Okay , what state are you trying to get it compact in ? Did you attend school in Florida ? I attend school in Florida and trying to get it endorsed in MD I’m having a difficult time .
  9. Lpn to Rn in 6months

    They are banned in Maryland
  10. FL legit LPN to RN programs

    Hi did you find one ?
  11. Carleen Health Institute

    Hi I am so sorry ! Something similar happen to me . Just start over at your local community college . My program was approved but I’m scare you pay the fee because my state has denied a few schools. What have been your outcome ?
  12. LPN at Evolutionn Health Academy Florida

    Hi have you completed the program and obtained your licensed ? Did you apply for a Texas license . Or Florida ? How was your process of getting a license
  13. FL Endorsement

    Hi we’re you able to get a Florida license ?
  14. Maryland Nursing licensed Endorsement

    Have anyone attended a school in Florida and received a license in Maryland ? I need advice asap !
  15. Question about capscare

    MD listed them as unapproved where you Abel to get your licensed ? I am now in a situation for a school in Florida and basically can’t sit for my boards . Please let me know thank you