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I have attended a school in Florida. The school was not apart of the "operation".  I applied for an endorsement & was denied due to the school not meeting certain education requirements by the "board of nursing". The school is approved by Florida board of nursing . However, is on probation & doesn't hold any type of accreditation 

 I was advised by the "mbon" in order to obtain a license in. I would need to complete a new nursing program & retake the NCLEX.  Or move & see what state would endorse me.

However, I would still be able to practice as a "RN" if any job would hire me ... I just would not be able to obtain an endorsed licensed in that state.

 1. Complete a community college bridge program ( 5 semesters) . 

2. Complete a LPN- BSN ( 5 semester ) program.

3. Don't retake the RN program. Complete my BSN & complete my master ( NP or MSN in education). *** If obtaining my NP not sure how that will work if the state won't give me an endorsed license. 

Biggest hurtle is almost every hospital has rejected me due to having a compact license & not a state endorsed license .

following..... in same situation

 what state are you in ? 



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Not sure how you were able to pass the NCLEX, which is identical across the country, and obtain a compact license, which is good in about 27 states, yet not be able to work in the sate you went to school is in, and not be able to go to work as a bona fide RN.
How the hell do you get to sit for the NCLEX, and pass it, without having graduated from an accredited institution? 

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Florida BON will APPROVE a new nursing programs curriculum.  The program then has 5 years to be able to obtain national accreditation of nursing program; often with 1-2 year leeway while challenging  need/ or not receiving accreditation as state is PRO business.

FL BON:  Education and Training Programs


The Florida Board of Nursing (Board) approves new pre-licensure nursing education programs that meet the application requirements specified in Section 464.019, Florida Statutes. This Section of Florida law also defines the Board's regulatory authority over established nursing education programs.

Consumers are advised that the Board is not authorized to conduct site visits, and oversight of approved nursing education program quality measures is limited by Florida law.

All concerns or complaints pertaining to approved nursing education programs in Florida should be directed to the Commission for Independent Education at: www.fldoe.org/cie and select "File a Complaint


What is the difference between an "approved" and an "accredited" pre-licensure nursing education program in Florida?



An "approved" nursing education program is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in Florida at an educational institution that is approved and regulated under s. 464.019, Florida Statutes. Approved RN nursing education programs are required to obtain accreditation within five years after enrolling the program's first students, pursuant to S. 464.019(11), Florida Statute.

An "accredited" nursing education program, as defined by s. 464.003, Florida Statutes, is a program for the prelicensure education of professional or practical nurses that is conducted in the United States at an educational institution, whether in Florida, another state, or the District of Columbia, and that is accredited by a specialized nursing accrediting agency that is nationally recognized by the United States Secretary of Education to accredit nursing education programs Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)) or National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (NLN CNEA).



One can check FL nursing program status: https://mqa-internet.doh.state.fl.us/MQASearchServices/NursingPrograms  to verify if approved, accredited and any probationary status.

Because FL BON is not authorized to conduct site visits to verify education nursing students are receiving (unlike  most other BON requiring onsite visit), many states are now only granting an endorsed license to those graduating from accredited nursing program since an onsite visit is part of accreditation process therefore meeting national  = most often other states education requirements.

Hello, please help me with any ideas you may have.. I'm an LPN w a Multistate license. Well Ny doesn't recognize Multistate . So I completed all paperwork and ceu's for them, then they tell me they are not accepting the school I went to .... She said I just have to wait... it's been 6 months and I'm trying to move there November 2024.. if ANYONE has ANY ideas how I can work in NY as a nurse -  PLEASE HELP ❤️❤️❤️

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Did you apply for a single state NY license?  In what state were you initially licensed/hold multistate license so can try to assist you..

I applied for just my Lpn in Ny. I originally received my PN in Florida and purchased the Multistate .

I'm working in Tn rite now until I can find a way to get my Ny on so I can move there 

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NY is currently investigating many nursing schools from FL to ensure they meet NY standards. Did you attend nursing school in FL by chance? If so, you may have quite a wait for NY to make a decision. Many have been impacted by this. Have you considered going back for RN? You might be able to complete an accredited LPN-RN program and get licensed as an RN in NY

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