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  1. jmacintire153

    Galen hybrid 2017!

    Looking for galen hybrid books used, for sale please!!!
  2. jmacintire153

    Galen hybrid 2017!

    Any books u would like to sell?
  3. jmacintire153

    Galen hybrid 2017!

    I got an orientation date, did u also? Have u figured out exactly what books we need first? The list seems very long...
  4. jmacintire153

    GALEN 2014!!

    Cautiously thinking about enrolling in St pete galen hybrid lpn to RN. can u tell me aproxy how many day during week is required to travel to class? I know layer on about the weekends and that's not too big of a deal, I work full time Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 and just trying to figure out if I need to drop to 4 days a week or what... please email me if u can on here . I'm desperate to decide if this is going to work for me... thank you
  5. jmacintire153

    Galen hybrid 2017!

    Just went tonight to galen in St pete. Decided to go for it. Doing the hybrid course . Lpn to RN. Associate now then take my time all online for BS N for another 12 months... anyone else starting March 30???
  6. jmacintire153

    Galen hybrid 2017!

    Is anyone else planning on starting the hybrid LPN to RN program in St pete!? Seeing advisor next week. Please let me know your experience with the program, where u do clinical and maybe sum info one homework load. I'm working Monday thru Friday so I'm worried it will be too much, but I gotta take a chance... they say one or two night during week at the school, I have heard it's 3 nights and every weekend, can someone clarify this for me? Maybe from someone who already started here?
  7. jmacintire153

    CPNE study guide

    Yes just enrolled in excelsior
  8. jmacintire153

    Excelsior Nursing Exams

  9. jmacintire153

    Excelsior Nursing Exams

    Yes just started. Nursing safety
  10. jmacintire153

    CPNE study guide

    I don't understand how to get a copy
  11. jmacintire153

    New ICU RN- looking for sheets.

    How did u get an ICU job as a new nurse ?! Is it hard ?! I'm an LPN going for RN and that's what I'd luv to do !! Tell me everything ?!!
  12. jmacintire153

    Excelsior Nursing Exams

    Silly question.. My advisor never told me I had to buy books ???? Where do I buy them!?? How do I find out what books I need ?? How much are they ??
  13. jmacintire153

    Excelsior Nursing Exams

    How easy was test just by studying what u read on the course? I'm just starting out and very nervous.....
  14. jmacintire153

    Been to Utica for CPNE? I have questions:)

    I'd absolutely love to read or hear about the rest of your adventure in your journal ?!!!
  15. jmacintire153

    CPNE less than 2 weeks away

    What's CPNE ?
  16. jmacintire153

    Passed CPNE in Utica

    Please !!! Utica help?!!! I test in my home town , Utica but can't find another has taken it near me... Please. Just give me pointers to study !!! Please ?!!!

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