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Galen hybrid 2017!

Is anyone else planning on starting the hybrid LPN to RN program in St pete!? Seeing advisor next week. Please let me know your experience with the program, where u do clinical and maybe sum info one homework load. I'm working Monday thru Friday so I'm worried it will be too much, but I gotta take a chance... they say one or two night during week at the school, I have heard it's 3 nights and every weekend, can someone clarify this for me? Maybe from someone who already started here?

Hello. I will be starting the hybrid in March. I passed my PAX last week, now I'm just waiting on admission.

I recently graduated from the hybrid bridge program. Overall I liked the program and fee like I got a good education.

What hours do you work M-F? I think there were only 2 people in my cohort that ended up being able to work full time during the program. They did have to request off about one day a week for clinical and leave early one day for lab 5pm. The beginning few quarters aren't too bad because there are later labs for AP and Micro (like 6 or 7pm start time) but the last 3 quarters or so require clinicals during the day (there are not always weekend clinicals offered and when they are, they fill up in minutes and the labs started at 5pm. Test days are also on different days than lab so I'd say on average you will be there 2 nights a week and occasionally 3 nights when you have an exam. You also sign up for courses 2-3 weeks before start so you may not know when you need off very far in advance.

I don't really feel like the course work itself is too difficult. To me, most of it was a review or building from what I already knew/learned as an LPN. The kicker is how much time you need to dedicate.

Do you have any books that you would like to sell?

Just went tonight to galen in St pete. Decided to go for it. Doing the hybrid course . Lpn to RN. Associate now then take my time all online for BS N for another 12 months... anyone else starting March 30???

I got an orientation date, did u also? Have u figured out exactly what books we need first? The list seems very long...

Looking for galen hybrid books used, for sale please!!!


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