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  1. 111th

    What can I expect in LTACH facility as an RN?

    In an LTACH you will definitely have a large amount of patients on vents, you will be giving lots of IV meds and antibiotics, starting your own IVs, usually drawing your own labs, inserting NGT tubes for feeds or decompression, administering blood, monitoring chest tubes, assisting providers with bedside bronchs, and many many complex dressing changes for severe wounds. It’s HARD work but if you want to develops a skill set it’s definitely the place.
  2. 111th

    How do you work your three days/nights ?

    I would do 3 in a row or 2 on, a few days off and then 1. My hospital just went to block scheduling with one day of manditory OT per pay period. So the schedule is now 3 on, 1 off, 3 on, 3 off, 1 on, 3 off. I work nights and want to rip my hair out. Not what I was expecting or wanting.
  3. 111th

    Second needlestick in 2 weeks

    I apologize, I typed that incorrectly. I used to work for a clinic who routinely took care of post-exposure patients. It is routine to draw titers for Hep B and C. You can show immunity to Hep B of course, and Hep C should come back as "nonreactive." These lab draws need to be repeated throughout the year (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year if I remember correctly). I worked for a large hospital system that required all employees to have a Hep C titer drawn for employment. Only hospital out of 5 that did though. Still not positive what they would do if it came back reactive...nothing? Educate importance of standard precautions?
  4. 111th

    Job Interview after taking time off

    Come up with a good reason for taking the time off. If you don't want to explain your own health issues, perhaps you took time off to take care of your ill mother? I took 9 months off after having my second child. Thankfully I still got interviews and no one seemed to really bat an eye that I had the employment gap. I was surprised, but most people seemed to really understand. The work-life balance is hard for us all. I wouldn't bring up that you're close to graduating from your NP program. Don't even go there.
  5. 111th

    patient pretending to fall?

    People are nuts. í ½í¹„í ½í¹„ You did the right thing though. You have to report facts, which include the patient stating he fell and hit his head. If the patient is AOx4, steady on their feet, etc. I would have allowed him privacy as well. I usually stand next to the door or behind the curtain though so I probably would have questioned the patient, "you fell? I was right here and didn't hear a thing. Wow, how did you manage not to spill that full commode?" and maybe prompted him to be truthful. If he maintained that he fell, then of course I'd have no choice but to follow protocol.
  6. 111th

    Second needlestick in 2 weeks

    The only thing they would do with the new BFE is test this patient. By now you should already know if you are immune to Hep B and C, should be up to date on your Tdap, and know if you are HIV negative. You should be having routine visits for the first exposure for one year so you will know if anything changes. Try to breathe and slow down. You'll be okay. Edit to say that of course the right thing is to report it. You're only human.
  7. 111th

    medsurg advice

    Any review will be beneficial, but I think you might be better off going by your course syllabus and reviewing your class notes/PowerPoints and reading the assigned/correlating chapters in your textbook. I've found that the book really does give you a better understanding of disease process and treatment than lecture alone. Of course it's possible to fail a second time...but you should have a good idea of what you need to brush up on and I'm certain you can be successful! Best of luck.
  8. 111th

    What can I do with my nursing degree?

    Are you decent with computers? Maybe a clinical applications analyst/coordinator for IT? Or insurance companies pay well for chart review and you can sit at home in your undies.
  9. 111th

    Medical Assistant or Straight to BSN?

    If you're looking to get more relevant nursing experience... I think becoming a CNA will get you a lot more exposure and have more flexible hours for nursing school. And at least in Florida....you'd be making close to the same amount of money. I have worked alongside MAs who are fantastic, but the education and thought process is vastly different. You'd likely have some good injection and medication skills but you'd work in an office or urgent care and it would t help a ton if you were to work inpatient later. If you wanted to spend 8-9 months in a program before becoming an RN, I'd recommend going through an LPN program which is typically 11-12 months. Then you would have great nursing experience and could do an LPN-RN bridge program. Just my opinion.
  10. 111th

    Bad popup 2018 need advise!!

    I took NCLEX-RN a little over a year ago and had an error when attempting to sign out with my palm as well. The lady told me due to not being able to sign out, she would have to file a routine incident report and that my account would be locked and it may take a bit longer to get my results. I tried the trick when I got home but I didn't get the good or bad pop-up. I can't remember exactly what the message said, but it was more of an error message. I had taken NCLEX on a Friday and got the weird message all weekend. On Monday I tried and got the good pop up and then checked the state BON website to see my name on it! I'm sure your account is under review as well if you weren't able to sign it correctly. Hope you passed!
  11. 111th

    Galen hybrid 2017!

    I recently graduated from the hybrid bridge program. Overall I liked the program and fee like I got a good education. What hours do you work M-F? I think there were only 2 people in my cohort that ended up being able to work full time during the program. They did have to request off about one day a week for clinical and leave early one day for lab 5pm. The beginning few quarters aren't too bad because there are later labs for AP and Micro (like 6 or 7pm start time) but the last 3 quarters or so require clinicals during the day (there are not always weekend clinicals offered and when they are, they fill up in minutes and the labs started at 5pm. Test days are also on different days than lab so I'd say on average you will be there 2 nights a week and occasionally 3 nights when you have an exam. You also sign up for courses 2-3 weeks before start so you may not know when you need off very far in advance. I don't really feel like the course work itself is too difficult. To me, most of it was a review or building from what I already knew/learned as an LPN. The kicker is how much time you need to dedicate.
  12. 111th

    Galen College of Nursing

    Thought I'd add that we were told they are changing the clinicals from 12 hours to 6 hour shifts so they will be double what we were expecting.
  13. 111th

    Clinic staff ask pt how to find injection site?

    It is policy at my clinic to give all IMs in the dorsal gluteal area (or deltoid when appropriate). We have a good mix of LPNs and MAs and we are considered equal in terms of what we can give and how. Interesting how facilities differ!
  14. 111th

    You are NOT allergic to...

    Our system allows pts to enter their own information from a kiosk before getting checked in. My favorite is when they list EVERY antibiotic (some for real reasons and others for diarrhea, stomach ache..) and then act all shocked when there is NOTHING left for us to prescribe. D'oh.
  15. Few! The pts insurance is listed on their face sheet and I have to look in order to make sure they stop at the front desk if needed after discharge. It's usually obvious who has Medicaid when they come in for silly things (man with chapped lips who didn't try Vaseline or Chapstick or when a family of 6 all want to be seen for sore throats). We do have MANY self-pays come in for things like sore throat or a refill for BP med and it blows my mind. Our visits start out at $209! 99.9% of the time they didn't even try call the prescribing doc! *Just my observation regarding Medicaid pts. I of course treat all pts the same regardless of their method of payment. :)
  16. 111th

    Pregnancy and nursing

    Is this your first child? Do you have reliable child care set up? I personally wouldn't be able to do it. Nursing programs are hard and stressful. I did not find the coursework difficult to understand, but in my program anything under an 80% was failing and we had multiple tests that we HAD to score 100% on or we were out. We also could only miss two classes total or we were out. That is so stressful and I couldn't imagine having a newborn to nurse and be up all night with too. I recently had my first baby and I was so thankful to have the 12 weeks to just sit at home and bond with her. At both my LPN and ADN Bridge orientations, I was told that we needed to have no distractions in order to be successful and that we would need to let our families know that we would be MIA for the next year. It's a personal decision that only you can make. I wish you luck! Congratulations on the baby!