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  1. No Ethnic DIversity

    There seems to have been a generation of people that were in that bracket of patients. Back in -the late 90’s I did home health for a local hospital. That area used to be upper white middle class. Just saying it as it was. I happen to be Caucasian an...
  2. No Ethnic DIversity

    Thank you so much.
  3. I have been an RN a long time. I have a varied background home health, hospice and in patient case management. I would like to get away from pounding the pavement and driving so much. During COVID my job I had at that time went home based, virtu...
  4. No Ethnic DIversity

    I have seen small mom and pop home health and hospice companies lack diversity in their staff. Like the company is ran and employed by fellow family members, friends of the family who are like ethnically. I am curious if others see this as a negati...
  5. This has come across my plate and I don’t know the answer. One of my friends office has an offsite person who does QA/ QI on documentation. This person is NOT a nurse, not licensed of even clinical. Yet, they submit directives for corrections and...
  6. I agree with you. Thank you for pointing out the manager who is sad to say also an owner of the company is completely lacking in managment woefully so. Well good for you..FYI the thermometer was actually BROKEN. And Yes, I too carry a manua...
  7. I think maybe I focused too much on the family and their words to me.. I am more annoyed and put off by the fact the owner of said company my supervisors response…. The family I know were not in the best mind set when I was there. I think I was tak...
  8. Thank you so much. I honestly told my superior I am NOT owning any of this. He was very upset about it but I told him none of it is what happened, and I will not take it. The family ripped me up in front of an audience, NOT ONE person said wait.. ...
  9. Hello colleagues, I have been an RN for 30 years about half of that is within the field of hospice. The only position I have never done due to no desire is administrator. None the less that is my background in a nutshell. I was assigned a...