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oldie has 13 years experience as a CNA, LVN and specializes in CNA.

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  1. Skills Testing

    Is skills testing a waste of time ?
  2. Nursing School Essentials

    Start studying and practicing math dosage calculations right now! Don't wait, if you get less than a 90% or in some schools less than 100% your kicked out. agree they are just time wasters, and the wrong information tends to get passed aroun...
  3. Probably best to let it go, they are going to stick together and be against you guys. That’s usually how it goes, unless you have solid evidence of something.
  4. Is my nursing instructor bullying me?

    Can u escalate this ? This sounds horrible, is she a racist or what ?
  5. Cheating Classmates

    What’s the update?
  6. Cheating Classmates

    Yup the one girl that went to the school in NJ, has been a nurse already for almost ten years works in L&D . No idea about the other students
  7. Cheating Classmates

    I know a girl who went to a prestigious school in NJ , paid 100,000 to attend became a nurse. She told me that all the students including her had all the answers to every single test, exam and quiz and she sold them adrenal pills for the answers. The...
  8. TRAGEDY at Clinical!

    What does that last part mean ?
  9. I like it you can get into many different things, im in a step up program now only one more semester left. Having the lVN license helped me to get in the RN program quicker, plus I only have to do one year. And depending on what state you live in the...
  10. Do the LVN boards first that way you can bridge to RN in only one year instead of the full 2 years. It might also help you point wise.
  11. Anyone get their Booster yet?

    I got mine a few days ago I was surly to have such a strong reaction because the first time I got it back in December I had no reaction
  12. Yes I noticed that too everyone is wearing one now , doesn’t make much sense when their hair is out in the back
  13. Will the BON reapprove our program?

    The state in California does an interview with students every four years to keep the college approval, it was just a routine check in ,nothing out of the ordinary . I am glad we didn’t get shut down and they just eliminated that student .
  14. Will the BON reapprove our program?

    Jesus no one understands my English she didn’t own up and admit a mistake she thought she was being a good sport about medicating patients without a nurse or anyone else knowing about it. That is an idiot. She thought the BON (the person who wo...
  15. Will the BON reapprove our program?

    Basically an idiot student admitted to do doing something illegal to the BON of nurses and two other students admitted the same thing