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  1. Med error for traveler

    I made 2 med errors (same patient) at my new travel assignment. The order was for 2 mg klonopin, give two.I only gave one. The facility is all paper and I was looking at the incorrect side of the paper and saw the number of tabs left decreasing by 1...
  2. Titers

    Back In 2014 I had titers drawn for nursing school. Came back I was not immune to HEP B. Got a series of booster shots and a redraw. Came back I was now immune, great ! This past July got another set drawn for different job. No issues I just...
  3. Just Feeling Done With Nursing

    I hate to even write this but I know all of you will understand. I WANT OUT of nursing. I’m an RN at a LTC/subacute facility. I work the subacute floor. I love the patients, but I am sick and tired of the BS that comes along with everything. We are...
  4. Salary NJ

    Hi, I’m going for an interview at the hospital. Wound care/oncology floor. I’ve been an RN for 2 years but no hospital experience. I’ve worked in rehab settings for the past 2 years. I have no idea what is a fair salary for a hospital. For reference ...
  5. Salary discussion at interview NJ

    Hi ! I’m looking for a little help with the discussing of salary during an interview. I have been a nurse for two years. My first job I started at $30/hr as a staff nurse in LTC. I currently am a supervisor at a different LTC facility and now make $3...
  6. I recently started a new job as a supervisor with 1 year experience in long term advice to you is to leave and go elsewhere and get some experience on the floor. It’s literally necessary. You need the practice of calling doctors, putting in ...
  7. Narcs

    I am one of the supervisors at my facility. Recently we had an agency nurse come in who also was working a double shift..well I leave work and get a call at home from overnight supervisor stating that the agency nurse needed her witness signatures fo...
  8. Covid Vaccine

    I’m sure you all know about the COVID vaccine and the plan to first vaccinate healthcare workers. How does everyone feel about this vaccine ? I personally do not want it..Where are the long term studies. IDK it’s worrisome to me that it will prob be ...
  9. RN Supervisor Baylor

    Hi ! First time posting here. I recently accepted a new position for a weekend baylor supervisor. I will be working every sat/sun 7am-11pm but paid for 40 hours (very well in my opinion too) I am starting to maybe overthink everything though. I only ...