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jakrob123 has 3 years experience and specializes in LPN.

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  1. jakrob123

    2nd Jobs for School Nurses

    Hi all, Posted a couple times about my interest in becoming a school nurse but I was wondering how many school nurses work a PRN job or a part time job during the weekends, school breaks, or Summer break?
  2. jakrob123

    Shadowing School Nurses

    Hello, I'm currently a student in my last two classes in my program and have interest in being a school nurse in the future. Unfortunately, due to COVID, my program hasn't been doing any clinical hours regarding community health, in which school nursing falls under. I would like to gain some “clinical experience" on my own and see the day to day life of a school nurse. I've contacted some principals at schools at surrounding districts (I've already checked if they were hybrid/in person/distance learning before contacting them LOL) about potential opportunities for me to shadow their school nurses. Is there anything I should do or ask to get the best experience from these shadow hours I'm doing on my own time? Any specific questions?
  3. jakrob123

    School Nurse Position

    Thank you! So technically this position is a safe position to apply for right? LOL
  4. jakrob123

    School Nurse Position

    I contacted this school in Illinois thats part of the Archdiocese for a position for a school nurse at a high school. They said they would either take an LPN or RN...my question is if an LPN is the only nurse in the building is that okay? I know we've been taught in school we work under the supervision of an RN.
  5. Born and raised in Chicago and currently finishing up my LPN program in Illinois. I'm hoping to one day to get my LPN license in California since its always been a dream of mine to live there. Can an LPN live comfortably there alone? Any LPNS in the Los Angeles area?

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